Country you go, car you find! A map reveals the most popular ones around the world

Have you ever wondered which brand is selling the most cars in our country? And in all the others in the world? A map with fairly recent information has the answer: have fun looking at the fastest map of all!

One thing is certain: they sell too many (Dheli Favorite Car)

Maps based on particular statistics they are a fun pastime which allows you to answer those child-like questions that pop up in your mind in the dead moments. Like, who has never wondered what is the best-selling car in the world? We tell you, the Toyota Corolla, even if you should know since we have dedicated an entire article to the subject!

However, someone has gone further and wondered what are the favorite brands of motorists in every single country in the world. The map made by Automotive Touch Up it’s not perfectLet’s understand: it dates back to 2020 so it is not up to date and countries like North Korea that are not exactly governed by the most open of democracies have not been included in the data collection due to lack of statistics. But it is still very interesting!

With this document you can have fun for a few minutes to find out which countries love certain car manufacturers, which one they like best on a global scale and… if there is any Italian brand among those that literally drive motorists around the world crazy. Let’s take a look at this colorful map together.

A real sentence

The first thing that emerges from the map is the overwhelming superiority of a brand that demonstrates absolute dominance on the market: it’s still Toyota, capable of winning the most loved and popular brand award among the locals in 44 countries. Apparently, it is mainly the Toyota Hilux pickup that has contributed to this result.

But let’s look at the map a bit and see the most interesting data: our Fiat it’s not doing badly, making it the favorite home of three totally different European countries: Italy, Lithuania and Turkey. Curious then the records of some houses that we have never seen as the Malasyana Perodua that dominates the local market or the Khazar, an unknown Azerbaijani and Iranian house that does not even have a page on Wikipedia but dominates the market of its country of origin.

Automotive Map 29_07_2022 Quattromania
Have fun exploring the world … (Automotive)

The map also gives us some topical information: do you see Russia, “governed” by the Volkswagen symbol? If the German brand is the most appreciated and popular in the country, imagine the impact that the house’s farewell to the nation due to the Russian-Ukrainian war may have had on the car market in the huge country. Last very sad fact, it is a pity that in Africa so many countries are without data: in many countries of the black continent, unfortunately, cars remain a luxury for the few.

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