Counting Down: My Hero Academia Fans Prepare for the Manga’s Conclusion with Only Five Chapters Left!

Culture news The countdown is on: there are only five chapters left before the end of My Hero Academia, fans are preparing to say goodbye to the manga!


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My Hero Academia is a Japanese manga created by Kohei Horikoshi, which began publication in July 2014 in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. Since its debut, this series has captivated millions of readers around the world with its thrilling stories, well-developed characters and deep themes. However, after an adventure of almost ten years, the saga is coming to an end with only five chapters remaining.



  • A Global Phenomenon
  • An Engaged and Emotional Storytelling
  • The Road to the End
  • The Legacy of My Hero Academia
  • The End of an Era

A Global Phenomenon

My Hero Academia has stood out in the manga and anime landscape thanks to its rich universe and captivating storylines. The story takes place in a world where 80% of the population has superpowers called Quirks. The protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, is a young boy born without a Quirk but who dreams of becoming a great hero like his idol, All Might. His determination and luck allow him to receive the Quirk from All Might, One For All, which begins his quest to become the greatest hero.

An Engaged and Emotional Storytelling

One of My Hero Academia's strengths is its ability to deal with complex and emotional topics while delivering spectacular action scenes. The manga explores themes such as the fight for justice, sacrifice, friendship, rivalry, and the weight of responsibility. The characters, both heroes and villains, often face moral dilemmas that add a depth rare in the shōnen genre.

The Road to the End

My Hero Academia fans knew the end was near, especially after recent developments in the manga where the final battles began to take shape. The confrontation between the heroes and the League of Villains, led by Tomura Shigaraki and All For One, has reached its climax. The stakes have never been higher, with lives at stake and the future of heroic society in question.

The announcement of the series' conclusion in five chapters came as a shock to many fans, although some had anticipated it. Kohei Horikoshi has several times mentioned his desire to finish the story satisfactorily, without stretching the plot unnecessarily. It now looks set to deliver an epic and emotional conclusion to this incredible adventure.

The Legacy of My Hero Academia

With the end of My Hero Academia imminent, it's time to reflect on the lasting impact of this series. She redefined the superhero genre in Japan and internationally, offering a unique perspective that combines traditional elements of Western comics with Japanese storytelling sensibilities. The success of the series has also given rise to a thriving franchise, including films, video games, merchandise, and even collaborations with other media.

Additionally, My Hero Academia has inspired a new generation of manga and anime creators, demonstrating that it is possible to reinvent classic concepts while maintaining strong originality. The manga has not only captivated young readers, but adults as well, with its deep stories and nuanced characters.

The End of an Era

As we prepare to say goodbye to Izuku Midoriya and his companions, it's clear that My Hero Academia will leave an indelible mark on the manga world. The series offered a roller coaster of emotions, moments of joy, sadness, triumph and defeat. The remaining five chapters promise to be a whirlwind of emotions and revelations, concluding an epic tale that will be remembered forever.

The countdown is on: there are only five chapters left before the end of My Hero Academia, fans are preparing to say goodbye to the manga!

The end of My Hero Academia marks the conclusion of an extraordinary journey, but also the beginning of the lasting legacy this series will leave in the hearts of fans everywhere. As the curtain falls, all that remains is to express our gratitude to Kohei Horikoshi for creating such a wonderful and inspiring world.

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