Counter Strike 2 fixes an issue that has plagued Call of Duty for years

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Von: Philip Hansen

Counter-Strike 2 does one important thing better than any Call of Duty game of the last 20 years. Warzone players squint enviously at sub-tick servers.

Washington – Counter-Strike 2 surprises everyone with its sudden release. Call of Duty and Warzone 2 players in particular are jealous of a new feature. Because Valve has just deleted one of the most unfair problems, while the CoD players feel stuck in the Stone Age and are really angry about it.

title Counter-Strike 2
Row Counter-Strike
Release Sommer 2023
developer Valve Corporation, Hidden Path Entertainment
Genre Tactics-Shooter

Call of Duty: Warzone players are jealous of new features in Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 hat krasses Update: On March 22, Valve officially confirmed it: Counter-Strike 2 is coming in summer 2023 and is the next step after CS:GO after 10 years. The hype is huge. One innovation in particular is causing immeasurable envy among players of other first-person shooters like Call of Duty worldwide just one day after it was announced: Sub-Tick Server or as Valve calls it: “Moving Beyond Tick Rate”.

New sub tick rate explained: What sounds so unnecessarily complicated and technical is enormously important. For the first time, Counter-Strike 2 is basically based on the fact that there are no more time gaps in the game. We explained it here:

  • In games like CoD or CS:GO you fire your weapon and the opponent falls over, very easy (if you hit). But behind the scenes, the game has to process who shot where and who the bullet hits on its journey.
  • Video games measure where all the players and balls are at certain intervals of time, called ticks, so it’s not really real-time. A tick lasts only milliseconds – but this fraction of a second decides between life and death.
  • Because of these tics, it can happen that you are already in cover, but the bullet still hits you. Because at the measured time for the game you were not yet in cover. Only the next tick would have recorded the cover on the server.
  • Counter-Strike 2 is now introducing sub-tick updates for the first time. There are no fixed time intervals between which something happens that the game doesn’t process.
CoD players jealously beg for features from the new Counter Strike 2 © Imago Images / Activision (Montage)

So now the Counter-Strike 2 server really knows if someone is in cover. Of course, it’s not 100% real time either, but the server calculates who is where so quickly at all times that it almost seems like real time.

What is tick rate?

The tick rate indicates in Hertz (Hz) how often a game processes all information and synchronizes with everyone. The higher the tick rate, the smaller the gaps in coverage. For example, the old Counter Strike runs at 66 Hz by default – Call of Duty Warzone 2, on the other hand, only runs at around 20 Hz. In CS, around 3x as many snapshots are processed per second as in CoD. You are also familiar with Hertz from TVs or monitors – this refers to the frequency with which a new image appears.

Counter-Strike 2 does one important thing new – players complain: “CoD has no more excuses”

CoD fans freak out: Immediately after the announcement of the squinting “Call of Duty” players jealous of the competition. Warzone 2 currently has one of the fastest TTKs, but an extremely high tick rate. That means you theoretically fall over immediately, but the servers transmit the data much too slowly. The players complain that this creates all the unfair situations in duels.

There is a lot of scolding on platforms like Reddit. The players are angry that Call of Duty is Activision, the billionaire gaming giant, but servers like from the Stone Age are at the start. We read such comments:

  • Can we finally stop forgiving the damn bad network in CoD?
  • Counter-Strike 2 just sort of solved the whole tick rate problem. Meanwhile we sit on the servers with 20 Hz tick rates while there is the fastest TTK in CoD history. LoL. Great.
  • Respect to Valve, seems like they care about their games“. To which is replied: “It’s been so long since Activision cares that we’ve forgotten what affection looks like.

Here we have included a corresponding Reddit thread and Valve’s announcement video for real-time gameplay with the sub-server ticks:

It remains to be seen how strong the Internet line needs to be for the new technology (and how well that works on German potato servers). Counter-Strike 2 not only relies on fast servers, but also on numerous other upgrades. Above all, the realistic intoxication sets new standards. Do you want to read something great? You can already play CS2 yourself before the release: Counter-Strike 2 Test: How to participate – Everything about the limited beta and keys.