Could Christopher Nolan Be Considering Inception 2? Fans of Sci-Fi and the Acclaimed Director Are Speculating

Culture news Christopher Nolan on Inception 2? Fans of SF and the Oppenheimer director are daydreaming


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If Inception has always been thought of as a stand-alone, particularly through the ambiguity of its ending, an article teased by a major magazine leaves fans waiting. Is Christopher Nolan preparing Inception 2?


The return of Inception, really?

It was in a post on X (formerly Twitter) that Empire magazine posted a cryptic image, highlighting the iconic spinning top from the film Inception (2010), topped with the message “COMING SOON” (coming soon). It was enough to excite all fans of the director's works to theorize about the start of a potential Inception 2, connecting the visual to the end of the first film, presenting said spinning top during its final shot.

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In the same way, the background of the image is reminiscent of his other great success, Interstellar (2014), left fans of the space adventure waiting for a potential sequel announcement, from Christopher Nolan himself or his teams. But despite the intensity of the rumors, nothing suggests the director's return to one of his old licenses. However, nothing prevents Internet users from continuing to hope, as evidenced by the entirety of the responses under the Empire post, filled with fans praying for the return to the screen of the two franchises.


Although the rumors intensify, the director ofOppenheimer (2023) is not known for making sequels to his feature films. The only exception that proves the rule is his Batman trilogy, although those were direct orders from Warner Bros.. Nolan, as well as the various actors in his films, have always rejected the ideas of sequels, like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in the casting ofInceptiontaking pleasure in making fun of Internet users asking for a sequel.

Empire magazine's announcement should likely prepare for the release of the special issue dedicated to Nolan's filmographyon the occasion of the 10th anniversary ofInterstellar. In addition, the latter as well as Inception are still under the aegis of Warner studios, which the director slammed the door in their face after they forced the release of his titles directly on HBO Max rather than in theaters. His latest film, Oppenheimer is now available directly on myCanal.

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