Coromatic took home PTS’s city network procurement

Coromatic has signed a framework agreement with the Swedish City Network Association, which means that it will be responsible for crisis preparedness for 160 city networks in 200 municipalities. It is about delivering two spare nodes in container format, fully equipped with reserve power, heating and cooling that can be used if an ordinary network node should be damaged or need to be supplemented.

The City Networks Association, which is an industry and interest organization, collects the majority of the country’s municipally owned city networks, and has procured on behalf of the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency, PTS. This is the first time that city networks have been included as a separate part of the authority’s crisis preparedness.

– The role of the city network is becoming increasingly important as more and more functions are digitized, so this is a very important measure to reduce vulnerability in society. Coromatic was commissioned so that they could present the best overall solution to us, says Jimmy Persson, who is development and security manager at Stadsnätsföreningen and responsible for the procurement.

According to the agreement, the two spare nodes will be delivered in the near future, and will be placed in strategic places so that they can be moved quickly when needed. In step one, a first node is delivered for placement in Boden, which with its weather conditions will be a test site for any future deliveries. The first delivery of a spare node to Boden will take place at the end of the year.

– This is a very good initiative from the relevant authorities together with the City Network Association, which we are extremely happy to contribute to. As one of the world’s most digitalised countries, these networks form the basis of society’s infrastructure and therefore this type of risk-minimizing measure is needed, says Robin Carlsson, responsible for Critical Power at Coromatic.


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