Controversial Korean Drama on Netflix Causes Stir with Disturbing Scenes

A South Korean series is a hit on Netflix, but a few scenes leave viewers with a bitter taste.

Netflix and South Korean productions, it's becoming an increasingly intense love story. Since the global success of Squid Game in 2021, the streaming platform has strived to offer a large catalog of content from South Korea. Thus, subscribers can find programs from the Land of Calm Morning, such as series, feature films, but also reality shows (“Sauve qui Pécho!”). A golden opportunity for fans of k-dramas and a way to broaden the horizons of laypeople who are not used to consuming this type of content.


A Killer Paradox is controversial

If you don't know this series, it tells the story of an ordinary man who finds himself in a serial murder case against his will. This begins a game of cat and mouse between him and a particularly perceptive and determined detective. Taken from a Webtoon of the same name, many appreciate this work for its elaborate storyline and deep characters.

However, this success on Netflix is ​​accompanied by strong criticism from Internet users. The reason ? Sexual scenes that are too disturbing. Without going into detail so as not to reveal too much about the plot, a few passages leave a bitter taste in the audience. Some Internet users even go so far as to say that these scenes are completely unnecessary and add nothing to the story. However, director Lee Chang Hee defends his scenes by believing that they serve to deepen the morality of one of the characters. Despite his explanations, criticism persists. If you want to give your opinion on this series, it is available on Netflix.