Contactless payment convinced the French, not mobile payment

According to a study by the comparator Panorabanques, contactless payment is massively used by the French. In progress since the health crisis, it has convinced much more than mobile payment.

Smartphones are essential in our daily lives, but they are much less so when it comes to paying. A new study by the comparator Panorabanques*, carried out with the Poll&Roll institute, reveals that mobile payment remains a minority in our regions. In 2022, 19% of French people use mobile payment against 17% last year, a timid increase. However, the study finds that “the majority of banks offer this payment solution today” ; and this is not its only asset. Mobile payment is closely related to biometric payment, proving more secure than its contactless equivalent and without ceiling. However, 69% of French people are refractory to the idea of ​​using this form of payment.

Different solutions exist at Apple (Pay), Google (Pay), Samsung (Pay) or the French service Paylib.

Mobile payment still not popular

The young people (18-34 years old) are more interested in mobile payment (26%) than their elders. Only 15% of those over 66 use this method, probably preferring the bank card. The latter continues to attract favor with the French (98% of French people use a Bank card). Unavoidableit allows contactless payment and it is now used by 86% of French people, ie 7 points more than last year (79%).

The comparator notes, without too much surprise, that there are a Covid effect on how to pay for purchases. “The health crisis has changed behavior, the speed of use and the convenience of contactless payment seem to be unanimous among the French”, say the authors of the study. They add that the passage of the ceiling from 30 to 50 euros “probably further boosted adoption of this payment method”. Only 10% of French people today say they are against the use of contactless payment.

Regarding the bank card, the study indicates that the French realize on average 20 credit card payments per month. The average amount is 28 euros.

*This study is based on a survey carried out at the end of February 2022, by Poll&Roll, among 1,000 adult and representative French people according to the quota method.