Concept Arts of canceled 2011 version of STALKER 2 appeared online

Concept Art of canceled 2011 version of STALKER 2

While the whole world is waiting for the release of STALKER 2 on PC and Xbox Series, new details of the canceled sequel have appeared on the internet. The second part of STALKER was officially announced back in 2010. However, a year later, the development team was disbanded, and the project itself was closed. Nevertheless, the first concept art has survived since that time, thanks to which you can understand how the continuation was conceived.

The published images show sketches of future locations, buildings, and even weapon models. The concept art turned out to be very high quality and detailed, but their origin cannot be determined. 

The art was presented by one of the STALKER fan groups, without official confirmation from the developers.

However, the illustrations may still refer to the 2011 version of the game. This is hinted at by art from the system of improving weapons with the help of modifications, which the authors of the game promised to implement during the announcement. Also, a satellite image, which determines the location of the sequel, can serve as a confirmation.

Now STALKER 2 is under active development. The project is being created on Unreal Engine 4. The game will have a large open world, a non-linear storyline and an A-Life 2.0 world simulation system.

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