Complete Guide and Tips – Next Stage

The adventure in Destiny 2 is punctuated by numerous challenges, each offering its own reward, its difficulty, and above all, the opportunity to prove your worth in the star-studded universe of the game. As a true enthusiast and web editor at nextstage, I am guiding you today through the twists and turns of the challenges of Destiny 2. Whether you're looking to increase your power level, understand content requirements, or simply know how to obtain advanced gear, you've come to the right place.

Destiny 2: challenges and progression – current season

Every season, Destiny 2 features a renewed set of challenges, offering rewards such as powerful and pinnacle gear. Available to complete once per week and per character, these challenges are essential for any Guardian wishing to reach the levels of power quickly. Note the importance of events limited in time such as Trials of Osiris where the Iron Bannerwhich also offer attractive rewards.


The adventure gets tougher when we take into account that certain challenges require a Paid Season Pass or some DLC/Expansions. Here's a little tip from nextstage: keep an eye out for free weekly activities that can help you progress without spending a cent.

Power Levels

Understanding the power level system in Destiny 2 is crucial to moving forward. Since Season 21, the structure has not evolved. We start at floor level of 1600, until reaching the soft target of 1750, where general drops stop being automatic improvements. Beyond that, only powerful and then peak equipment allows you to progress, until you reach the maximum ceiling of 1810.

It is therefore essential to target remunerative activities with powerful equipment to move from the soft course to the hard course, and finally aim for the summit challenges to reach the heights of power.

Content requirements

The journey to excellence in Destiny 2 is not done without a few detours through the “content requirements” box. Some challenges and activities are locked behind the acquisition of DLC or Season Pass. For example, the Trials of Osiris require you to have the latest DLC. This is an aspect that should not be overlooked when planning your growth.


However, don't be discouraged, guardian! Many activities remain accessible free of charge, also offering powerful and summit equipment. This includes crucible activities, Gambit, or even certain challenges proposed by Hawthorne.


Reach the top in Destiny 2 is the holy grail for many players. Once at difficult milestone of 1800, summit activities become your only way to progress. These distribute equipment slightly higher than your current level, allowing you to ultimately reach 1810, the peak of power.

Summit activities vary: raids like Root of Nightmares, missions specific to each season, or even weekly dungeons. Each of them requires strategy, skill and sometimes, a strong team to overcome.

Powerful equipment

Before hoping to reach the summit challenges, build up your arsenal ofpowerful equipment is an essential step. Activities granting this type of reward vary from simple tasks like completing specific bounties to arduous fights in the depths of dungeons or during team events.

Activities such as deep dives or rescues are particularly lucrative, offering higher gear +3 to +5 above your current level. It's the perfect boost to break power ceilings and bring you closer to the ultimate prestige of the heights.

As you can see, climbing the ladder in Destiny 2 requires perseverance, planning, and not to mention, a good dose of courage. Following these guidelines and maximizing your chances with the challenges offered each week will, I am sure, lead you to the heights of the game.