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Coin Master, a popular game among mobile game lovers, offers various tricks to protect your valuable coins and buildings. One of the techniques to defend yourself is the passage in ghost mode. This feature makes you invisible to your friends' attacks, however, it also has its drawbacks. This article explores the concept of ghost mode in Coin Master and gives clear instructions on how to activate it.

Understanding Ghost Mode in Coin Master

THE ghost modeOr ghost mode in English, is a method used by players to reduce the risk of frequent attacks by their friends. By activating this option, you become invisible to them, which significantly reduces the chances of them raiding you or attacking your villages.


On the other hand, this mode presents certain disadvantages. Users have noted a noticeable reduction in rewards earned during gameplay. In ghost mode, you may be less likely to enjoy various bonuses and gifts, which could slow down your progress in the game.

It is therefore crucial to carefully evaluate the pros and cons before opting for this feature. Here is a list of the main effects of ghost mode:

  • Invisibility to your friends, reducing attacks
  • Reduction in rewards and bonuses
  • Limited protection, as other players can still attack

Steps to enable ghost mode

Activate the ghost mode in Coin Master is quite simple, but it involves some changes in Facebook settings. Follow the steps below carefully to become invisible in the game:

  1. Open Facebook and go to settings by clicking on the cogwheel at the top right of the screen.
  2. Go to ” Applications and websites “.
  3. Select Coin Master in the list of connected applications.
  4. Click on ” DELETE » to disconnect your Facebook account from Coin Master.
  5. When starting the next game, refuse to connect with Facebook and select “ Play as guest “.

By following these steps, you will enter ghost mode and become invisible, minimizing attacks from your friends. Here is a summary table of these steps:


1Open Facebook settings
2Access Applications and Websites
3Select Coin Master
4Remove Coin Master App from Facebook
5Reject Facebook connection when starting the game

Return to normal mode

If you decide to leave ghost mode, simply reconnect your Facebook account to Coin Master. This will restore your progress and allow you to receive normal rewards and bonuses again. Here's how to do it:

  1. Open Coin Master.
  2. When launching, agree to connect via Facebook.

Alternatives to progress quickly in coin master

Even without using the ghost modethere are several tips to protect your resources and optimize your progress. Here are a few:

  • Daily Bonuses : Take advantage of the daily bonuses offered by the game to accumulate coins and spins.
  • Special Events : Participate in special events held regularly to obtain exclusive rewards.
  • Strategic bets : Use strategic bets to maximize your winnings during attacks and looting.

Coin Master also organizes contests in partnership with platforms like Instant Gaming. You can win video games, FIFA coins or V-bucks by participating in these contests.

Here is an example of a daily schedule to maximize your earnings in Coin Master:

8:00Claim Daily Bonuses
12:00Participate in current events
18:00Make strategic bets

The importance of strategies in coin master

Every Coin Master player must develop strategies to protect your resources and progress quickly. Choosing whether or not to activate ghost mode is one of them. It is a personal decision that should be based on your playstyle and goals.

In summary, the ghost mode can be an effective solution to reduce losses due to attacks from your friends, but it has limitations that must be taken into account. It is essential to weigh the pros and cons carefully before adopting it.

For those looking to progress quicklysmart use of bonuses, strategic betting and participation in events and contests can offer interesting alternatives. Coin Master is available on iOS and Android, and it is essential to play honestly to fully enjoy the gaming experience.