Comparing the Power-Up Times of PlayStation Consoles from PS1 to PS5: Which Console is the Fastest?

We might believe that the advent of super processors and SSD hard drives in our consoles is a guarantee of speed. An Internet user had fun comparing the power-up times of PlayStation consoles and the verdict is clear. So, which is the fastest?

The Philosophy of Sobriety

This tradition has been somewhat lost over time and the arrival of new consoles, but there was a period when ignition screens were taken very seriously by the research and development teams. From the mid-1980s, manufacturers considered – rightly – that the start of consoles should be accompanied by an animated screen embodying the brand's philosophy. The famous “boot screens” then took on capital importance, to the point where their relative disappearance gave rise to a lot of nostalgia among players. All it takes is a simple sound (Game Boy, PlayStation, etc.) or a short animation for players to recognize, in a few seconds, the console in question.


To make an impression, manufacturers competed in imagination and sometimes called on real big names to imagine flashy startup screens. Depending on the philosophy of each company, we have seen the arrival of more or less long start-up screens, sometimes peppered with funny little finds. But it was truly with the advent of consoles equipped with a CD-ROM reader that these screens became iconic. PlayStation, Saturn, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Gamecube, Xbox 360… all you had to do was turn on these machines to be immediately transported into their world. The Nintendo machine is also known for hiding a (secret) sound Easter Egg which evolves thanks to a small manipulation or the addition of controllers. You can hear children having fun or even a sumotori.

Which PlayStation console is the fastest?

Over time, this tradition has evolved a little and manufacturers today like to move towards sobriety. The start screens no longer have the artifices of the time (to the great dismay of certain players who feel that they lack identity) and the designers explain this approach by the need to get to the heart of the game more quickly. But in reality, do these famous boot screens have a real impact? With the evolution of technology and generations of consoles, a user had fun comparing the startup time of PlayStation machines.

He positioned each of the brand's iconic home consoles by calculating the startup time (without a physical game inside, which is important) and the result is surprising. At the risk of surprising some, it is indeed the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 which are the fastest with just over 11 seconds, whereas the PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5 turn on in around twenty seconds. . The prize for the slowest console goes to the PlayStation 3 with a startup calculated at… 25 seconds! In short, you will have understood, even if technology has evolved and the start-up screens are now more sober, the ignition time has not necessarily evolved in the right direction.