ColorOS 12 (Android 12) tested on Oppo Find X3 Pro: this is how it is in the video

OPPO officializes the new ColorOS 12 based on Android 12. Here's how it is made and when it arrives

OPPO has recently made its new one official ColorOS 12 based on Android 12 of Google and granted in preview a first test of the new features. We didn’t miss the opportunity, and here we go video our report after testing the new operating system on OPPO Find X3 Pro (where it will become available to everyone starting next December).

[HWUVIDEO=”3174″]ColorOS 12 (Android 12) tested on Oppo Find X3 Pro[/HWUVIDEO]

Oppo first worked on the graphics with a view to better space optimization and to make sure that the user has more leeway in customization. The goal is to encourageinclusivit of ColorOS, or to make it as close as possible to the tastes of users from all over the world. The main difference concerns the transition from square icons to round icons, a reversible choice from the Settings menu.

There is a new function that allows you to configure the colors of the interface elements by drawing on the background colors or other combinations that are always freely configurable. In this way, we could modify both the drop-down menu from the top and the Settings screen. Also, Oppo has improved the feature Color vision enhancement already present in ColorOS 11, adding a new option that accentuates or reduces the effects of the color filter. Color vision enhancement, in fact, allows you to apply color conversion filters by selecting the range of colors to be enlivened (eg Red, Yellow, Green or setting the Grayscale to view images at gray levels).

ColorOS 12 (Android 12)

Android 12 introduces a whole series of new features related to privacy, which can be accessed from ColorOS 12 through the section dashboard della privacy. Here we can check what permissions have been granted to the various apps in the last 24 hours in terms of geolocation, camera, microphone and more. For each application, we can check which permissions it used and when. You can also choose to give certain apps an approximate and inaccurate geolocation in order to improve battery performance.

ColorOS 12 (Android 12)

A decidedly spectacular function that relating to the so-called flexible windows. You can always access it from the quick menu and then resize and move windows anywhere on the screen. The same is also true for games with the floating window which is very useful for the multitasking and, therefore, the use of various applications in parallel.

ColorOS 12 (Android 12)

In the quick access menu we find the functionality Screen translation, created in collaboration with Google Translate and that works through Google Lens, the popular image recognition mobile app developed by Google.

Oppo also talks about consistent performance and autonomy improvements. Of course, after the test of what is still an Alpha it is not possible to have a clear idea on the consistency of these improvements, so we postpone the definitive tests to next December, when ColorOS 12 will be definitively available on OPPO Find X3 Pro.

ColorOS 12 (Android 12)

Starting from ColorOS 12.1 the other very interesting feature will come PC Connect, which is described as the first step towards the multi-screen operating system and will allow you to manage your smartphone from PCs with Windows. It will be available next year with connection via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The basic version of ColorOS will be available for all Oppo Find X3 Pro owners from December and will subsequently be extended to all other Oppo smartphones of the latest generations.

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