CoD Warzone challenges Fortnite, a beloved anime arrives

Call of Duty Warzone has also decided to embrace the Fortnite philosophy, inserting a skin of the most followed anime of the moment!

What’s a Battle Royale without skin? By now this is one of the main methods by which a title Free to Play manages to make money, managing to support developers and cover production costs. But now, Warzone is challenging Fortnite with a skin from the anime and manga world! In a game like Warzone, skins don’t give no advantage to the players, except when this advantage is dictated by bugs.

Season 1 of Warzone Pacific is getting more and more interesting! (Source:

We all remember the skin of Pink, which was almost impossible to see when in dark places, or the skin Invisible of the Battle Pass, which has finally been fixed.

But finally, come on Warzone arrived a bundle that everyone was waiting for, taking one with them skin of a well-known and beloved personage, present in the most followed anime of the moment. We are talking about…

Warzone: the Levi skin of the Attack of the giants!

Now that Battlefield 2042 has too few players to get refunds after more than a month, many people may decide to move to Warzone, if only to try out this new skin. It was from November that there were rumors about themed skins based on the well-known anime: The attack of the Giants. Until recently, it was already assumed that the skin was based on the commander Levi, which in the end proved to be true!

In fact it has come up Warzone a new paid bundle, which will contain:

  • One skin per operator
  • Three weapon skins
  • A good luck charm
  • A sticker
  • an emblem
  • A final move
  • A MVP Highlight and Highlight Intro for multiplayer

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Warzone levi
Here is the content of the new bundle! (Source:

As regards the weapon skins, one will be called “Historia” (machine gun), the second “The curse of Ymir” (assault) and the third “Pierces giants” (Melee weapons). And it is the “Punch Giants” skin to have intrigued mostly the players, since it perfectly represents the spade used by Levi and his companions to defeat the giants.

So all in all, the players and fans of the well-known anime have not nothing to complain about on the contents of the bundle, except for the most important thing: the skin by Levi. In fact, in the imagination of the players, this skin should have been very different, more similar to the character without detaching too much from the style realistic of CoD.

Instead the skin remembers vaguely the character, but only thanks to his clothes and hair, since the face does not resemble that of the well-known commander of the Eldian research corps.

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In fact, the game community has remained a lot disappointed from this skin, being reputed by many silly, as well as already being laughed at and being a source of lots of memes.

warzone levi
The much hated Levi skin. (Source:

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