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Climatologist Kokorin: environmental changes due to global warming will last half a century

Environmental changes due to global warming will last at least another 50 years, Alexei Kokorin, director of the Climate and Energy Program of the World Wildlife Fund of Russia, believes, citing a report by Roshydromet. In an interview with, he listed the consequences of global warming.

Abnormal heat

In the UK, due to abnormal heat for the first time in history, the source of the Thames dried up. It is specified that it has shifted eight kilometers lower from the previous place where the river began. “After an extended period of dry weather, the headwaters of the Thames in Gloucestershire have dried up and a weak stream is now barely visible more than five miles downstream,” said Dr Rob Collins, head of policy and science at the Rivers Trust.

Both Europe, Russia and the whole world are threatened by a high frequency of dangerous environmental phenomena, including heat waves.

Alexey Kokorinclimatologist

“Heat waves have already begun to occur around the world five times more often than in the 19th century. At the same time, they are slightly stronger and somewhat longer, that is, they have become more significant in terms of their impact on people’s health, first of all. This is a consequence of the so-called global warming, which itself is very small, a little more than a degree, but is caused by the burning of fossil fuels and the increased greenhouse effect by humans, which is also very small. But this has a strong effect on heat waves and uneven precipitation, ”Kokorin said.

At the same time, the climatologist noted that he would not single out Europe as some place where the climate situation worsened more. “In Central Asia, water problems are much more serious than in Europe. Although, of course, the temperature over 40, which was now in England, is completely abnormal, ”he added.

Problem for many years

Kokorin is confident that the frequency of such phenomena will increase at least three times. He explains this by the fact that humanity is unlikely to be able to cope with this problem in the next 50 years.

“Further on, there is every reason to expect that everything will somehow stabilize. But frequency [климатических аномалий] will grow, respectively, will affect the yield. Another thing is that everything will deteriorate gradually, ”the climatologist said.

He named the regions where the drought situation will be more serious than in the rest. “In the Mediterranean, the heat waves will be much stronger than in England. If we talk about Russia, then in the south of Russia, in the Krasnodar Territory, Rostov, Volgograd and Astrakhan regions, droughts will be much stronger than in Moscow, especially in St. Petersburg, ”Kokorin listed.

Fresh water

At the same time, Kokorin draws attention to the fact that the total amount of water on Earth and the amount of precipitation is increasing and will continue to increase, but the lack of fresh water will only increase.

However, rainfall will be so uneven that fresh water scarcity will become an increasing problem.

Alexey Kokorinclimatologist

“In Russia, this problem will affect only the south of the European part. In general, for many vast regions of the world this is a very serious problem. That is why people talk about migration. Up to the fact that three billion people by the end of the century will become refugees precisely because of water problems, ”he concluded.

Earlier it became known that in recent years, 131 Chinese weather stations recorded temperatures that coincided with or exceeded historical highs. For the whole of 2021, 62 weather stations recorded similar temperatures. According to the China Weather Bureau, the country is considered a “climate change sensitive region”. Temperatures have risen by 0.26 degrees Celsius every decade since 1951, while the global average has reached 0.15 degrees.

Local authorities said the country’s average soil temperature has risen much faster than the rest of the world over the past 70 years. The trend is expected to continue. “In the future, the increase in average regional temperatures in China will be significantly higher than in the world,” the National Climate Center of China said.

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