Clearview AI develops search engine for faces

The American technology company Clearview AI has been granted a patent for a special search engine for face recognition.

According to the patent application, the search engine can match images from surveillance cameras with photographs from social media such as Facebook. In this way, for example, the police or the FBI can identify suspected criminals.

However, many critics are worried that the technology will be abused. In addition, it is pointed out that the risk of incorrect identifications is great, especially when it comes to women and ethnic minorities.

In a comment to Politico says Matt Mahmoudi from Amnesty International that it may be a violation of international law to use this type of technology, as the persons in question have not agreed that their images will be used for that purpose.

However, Clearview AI believes that there is a difference between images posted on the internet and people’s private photographs, in other words it should not be against any law.


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