Citroën would work on a faster Ami

L’Ami, Citroën’s (very small) electric city car, is so successful that the manufacturer is considering unleashing the engine.It could thus spin at 80 km/h!

L’Ami no longer makes its detractors laugh, whose number has shrunk as quickly as the number of orders.Since its launch in June 2020, Citroën has counted greenbacks: more than 23,000 sales have been recorded for the small two-seater city car sold for €7,790.The manufacturer offers it in several European countries, as well as in Morocco where the vehicle is assembled.

A throttled engine on the Ami

The cart has several features, starting with an engine that does not exceed 45 km / h.Enough to allow it to be driven without a license by people born before 1988. For others, from the age of 14, you must have an AM license (formerly Road Safety Certificate, BSR) much less demanding than the classic license: it includes practical training with 7 hours on the road.But the legal speed limit is set at 45 km/h.


The success is such that Citroën would seriously consider offering a much faster version.According The Automobile Magazine, the manufacturer is working on the possibility of reaching 80 km/h by unleashing the electric motor (8 hp).Because he would already be able to spin at this speed!Nevertheless, Citroën would not be satisfied with a simple unclamping: the future Ami would have a more powerful battery to support the pace.Currently, the battery has a capacity of 5.5 kWh, which allows the vehicle to last 75 kilometers.

The manufacturer will also have to integrate much more robust safety equipment than today.And needless to say, you’ll need a real license to drive this faster Ami.This new model could therefore quite logically cost more, and why not cross the threshold of 10,000 euros.The cart would reach there price levels approaching more classic and better equipped vehicles, such as the Dacia Spring.

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