Chrono Odyssey – Chrono Odyssey outlines its system for manipulating time and space

In Chrono Odyssey, players will be able to manipulate time and space. Concretely, players will be able to travel into the past or the future of an area, to discover different alternative versions.

As noted, the Korean studio teams Npixel recently made the trip to San Francisco on the occasion of the GDC 2024 to briefly present Chrono Odyssey. We discovered a new trailer for the MMORPG and the developer also took the opportunity to announce that it had entered into a partnership with Kakao Gameswhich will distribute Chrono Odyssey worldwide.


The (short) presentation of the game is now available online and allows you to better understand the scope of Chrono Odyssey. We note in particular that the project has been in development since 2021 and that it employs some 120 developers in South Korea, working to design “the massive open world” of Setera – a world threatened by the Void, whose players will have to fight the influences to save the world and save themselves.


The main originality of Chrono Odyssey nevertheless lies in its system for manipulating time and space. The MMORPG will offer six playable classes (we knew) and all of them can use the Chronotector, this artifact allowing you to travel in time, in the past as well as in the future. The time travel mainly aims to spice up the fights (obviously via short jumps in time), but more concretely, the developer specifies that the game universe of Chrono Odyssey is available in different “layers”, the current version of the game universe, in the present, on which alternative versions from the past or the future of the world of Setera are superimposed – and to specify that the use of Unreal Engine technologies will allow players to navigate freely between these different versions of the game universe. For example, players will be able to switch to the future of an area to face more powerful monsters, while the corruption of the Void has gained ground there.

The developer also takes the opportunity to praise the level of detail of the character creation tool, allowing everyone to design a unique hero in the world of Setera, “reflecting their own personality”.

At this stage, Npixel has not yet communicated the launch date of Chrono Odyssey, but the developer is notably mentioning an upcoming redesign of the official site so that players can start registering there. We can bet that the opening of registrations will herald the upcoming launch of the first phases of testing.