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Politico: Chinese military commanders ignore US attempts to contact

Representatives of the American military command have repeatedly tried to contact their Chinese counterparts in connection with the escalation of tension around Taiwan, but they ignore these attempts and do not answer calls. The publication writes about it Politico.

In particular, calls from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, General Mark Milley, remain unanswered.

Top Chinese military officials did not return multiple calls from their American counterparts this week.


It is noted that the last contact at the level of the chiefs of the general staffs of the two countries took place on July 7.

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Pelosi’s visit

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi arrived on an official visit to Taiwan on August 2. The American special flight landed at Sunshan Airport in Taipei around 17:42 Moscow time.

Pelosi explained the arrival of the US congressional delegation to Taiwan as a desire to make it clear that Washington will not abandon its commitment to supporting the island.

The Chinese authorities considered the arrival of Pelosi a harsh interference in domestic politics, which damages the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, and imposed sanctions against the congresswoman and her relatives.

Based on the relevant legislation of the PRC, the Chinese side decided to impose sanctions on Pelosi and her immediate family after her provocative actions.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China

The White House tried to disclaim responsibility for Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan. According to CNBC, representatives of the administration of President Joe Biden are trying to convince their Chinese counterparts that neither the American leader nor military advisers have influence on Pelosi’s actions.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the country opposes unilateral recognition of Taiwan’s independence. According to the Secretary of State, no one needs an escalation of the conflict, because “it could have unforeseen consequences that do not serve anyone’s interests, including China.”

US-China relations

On the day the American speaker’s plane landed, China began large-scale exercises in three areas around Taiwan and closed air traffic around the island until August 7. On August 4, the PRC army began live-fire exercises in six areas around Taiwan.

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Blinken called this decision by Beijing blatantly provocative. According to the secretary of state, the major military exercises that Beijing launched after Pelosi’s visit are designed to intimidate not only Taiwan, but also other countries in Asia.

On August 5, Beijing stopped military cooperation with the United States by canceling a working meeting between representatives of the US Department of Defense and China and stopped dialogue at the level of representatives of the regional military commands of the two states. It is reported that the PRC will also stop contacts with US representatives under the maritime security mechanism.

Taiwan question

Washington considers Taiwan independent, while Beijing insists that these territories belong to it.

According to Victoria Zhuravleva, head of the Center for North American Studies at IMEMO RAS, Taiwan is not only an economic partner for the United States, but also a symbol of democracy. That is why the White House will always support Taipei no matter what.

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