China continues to dominate the electricity market, especially “mini” | Comes the Nano EV

Chinese-brand electric cars have increasingly taken over the market. Now comes the Nano EV.

Chinese brand electric cars have taken more and more market domination. Indeed, the companies of the Asian country have in hand 45% of sales of green vehicles in the world, however, most of the cars sold are in China.


Only the 5% it is being sold outside the country, but it is clear that the alarm bell has already gone off. In fact, in China there are also the giants who build batteries, and this puts them in a dominant position. Also, new electric cars keep arriving.

Nano EV (

Between them comes the Nano EV minicar built by Hongguang, a company resulting from a partnership between General Motors e SAIC. In the past, they have dominated the market with the microcar Mini EV, and now they try again but even smaller.


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Nano EV, features

The Nano EV is characterized with respect to the Mini EV to be even smaller. In fact, his stride is shorter with a length of just 3.8 meters. This makes this car even more compact, and obviously great for the city.

hongguang nano ev
Nano EV (

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The motor it is obviously completely electric and manages to generate a power of 24 kW, with a single recharge of the batteries it brings autonomy at about 305 km, really a pretty good number. The duration of the full charge is estimated in 4-5 ore.


Needless to say, the Nano EV in Hongguang it is steeped in technology. It is indeed present the BMS system for intelligent battery management, as well as the preheating and its insulation to protect it when there are low temperatures. Furthermore, finally, various types of ADAS for safety, such as hill assist control and tire pressure monitoring.

Obviously the strong point of the car, in addition to the characteristics described, as often happens with Chinese vehicles, is the price. In fact, this futuristic “machine” costs, depending on the version, from 6,300 to 8,300 euros. Too bad we will probably not see it in our country.


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