Cheat sellers are sentenced to pay 45 million to Bungie

And now the Destiny creators are setting their sights on yet another seller.

The spat between Bungie and cheat seller Aimjunkies began in 2021, when the former sued the latter for providing cheat subscriptions to Destiny 2. They initially ran afoul of patrols, as Aimjunkies claimed they hadn’t copied the game’s code, but created something of their own. However, Bungie maintained that Aimjunkies performed reverse engineering to create the cheat.

Aimjunkies responded with a lawsuit of their own, claiming that Bungie illegally accessed one of their computers to look for evidence. However, the court did not accept this lawsuit, as Aimjunkies had no concrete evidence, and now Bungie has finally won another victory against the cheaters.

In January, a court sentenced Aimjunkies to pay a total of 4,396,222 dollars to Bungie, which corresponds to around 45 million kroner. With this in the bag, the sights are now set on another cheat seller, Lavicheats, like Bungie correct of 6.7 million dollars, corresponding to almost 70 million kroner (2,000 dollars for each download of the cheat).