ChatGPT launched on an ancient MS-DOS computer

Enthusiast Yeo Keng Meng was able to run the ChatGPT neural network chat on an IBM laptop released in 1984. The fact that this PC runs on MS-DOS is not an insurmountable problem.

Yeo Keng Meng notes that he encountered several problems when “porting” ChatGPT to such an ancient computer. For example, he had to modify the device in such a way that he had access to the Internet. Further, self-written software was used, which interacts directly with the ChatGPT API via the command line without the graphical interface familiar to all of us.

The process of communication with ChatGPT is captured on video. The developer communicates with the neural network in chat mode: gives tasks, asks questions and receives detailed answers.

This experiment once again shows that the possibilities of ChatGPT are much wider than one might think. It is possible that even the developers of this neural network themselves did not realize that it could be run on a computer almost 40 years ago.