ChatGPT gives purchase recommendations for games – AI as an aid for the undecided

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Von: Joost Rademacher

Players sometimes find it difficult to decide on a game. ChatGPT can now serve as an aid.

Hamburg – Video games are a dime a dozen these days, but they have also become more and more expensive. It often needs careful consideration before spending 70 euros on a new title, especially with the oversupply of games vying for the player’s attention. This can quickly lead to difficulties in making a purchase decision. A clever gamer wants to make this easier in the future and has built a new ChatGPT bot for video games, which should always give the best possible recommendations for new games.

ChatGPT for video games: How the AI ​​works for purchase recommendations

How the bot works: A Reddit user by the name of u/madredditscientist is responsible for the new ChatGPT bot for games. In a Reddit forum for gaming, he first introduced the AI ​​and explained how and why he built the bot: “I often rely on Reddit to research games, but often find the same recommendations over and over again.So the gamer promptly built a new AI that should always be able to give the best possible recommendations for new video games on request. Despite the name, the AI ​​does not come from ChatGPT developer OpenAI

ChatGPT for undecided gamers – AI spits out the best purchase recommendations © Sony Interactive Entertainment / Microsoft / OpenAI (Montage)

Where is all this information coming from? According to the user, he fed his AI with over 200,000 comments and posts from various Reddit forums. The chatbot should be able to present the collective knowledge of the gaming community in a bundled form. For each request, the AI ​​also shows a selection of posts that it referred to when processing the request. It’s not the first lifestyle area that AIs are now pulling through. Dating apps from ChatGPT and co. been infiltrated.

ChatGPT for video games: AI already understands various requests, but not yet perfectly

The bot can make these suggestions: The video game chatbot can already understand and process different types of requests. Of course, it always has to be about specific games, platforms or genres, but the AI ​​can independently make suggestions or give arguments for or against a title. Here are a few queries that ChatGPT for Games can already answer.

  • Direct recommendations on specific titles.: “Should I play Nier Automata?”
  • Suggested game genres for specific consoles: “Give me suggestions for racing games on the PS5”
  • Exact criteria for game suggestions: “I want to play a long fantasy RPG with an epic story”

Everything is not perfect yet: There are a few things that aren’t quite right on the ChatGPT for gaming, u/madredditscientist also acknowledges this. In some cases, the AI ​​still works with outdated information, but in other places it also comes up with complete nonsense. Sometimes the bot simply gives inappropriate recommendations. One Reddit user suggested that the AI ​​suggested titles like Hollow Knight or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice as similar games to Monkey Island, which couldn’t be further from a leisurely point-and-click adventure.

Nevertheless, the chatbot can be a strong help in discovering new video games. Become ChatGPT Bot for Games If you want to try it yourself, you can do it without any login and for free. The AI ​​only understands English at the moment.