Character 18 Fortnite, where to find him in season 1 of chapter 4? –

For Fortnite Season 1 in Chapter 4, new NPCs are appearing and some are well hidden.Find the location of NPC 18.

The chapter season 1 is in progress on Fortnite. Lots of new features in the game, including a unique mechanic: reality reinforcements.As usual, updates are rolling out every two weeks to fuel the season.In addition, it’s the return of the Dragon Ball x Fortnite collaboration, with new quests and the creative island.


Players also have challenges and quests to complete to challenge themselves, but above all to earn XP on the battle pass in order to collect all the season rewards.Some quests require you to find NPCs in the game and some are better hidden than others.find the location and identity of NPC 18 in Fortnite.

Where is NPC 18 in Fortnite?

If you don’t know NPC 18, know that it is Rebel.To find it, you need to go south of Brutal Bastion.She is in a small barracks at the entrance to the snowy part of the map.


To help you, here is a screenshot to show you the location of NPC 18: Rebel.


Character 18 in Fortnite

You should find character n°18 without too much trouble at La Bamboche.You can buy items from him for gold to prepare for future battles.You can also buy one of the new items from him, the recon falcon.

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Published on 02/01/2023 at 14:13
By DinoG