Chaos at Disney Lorcana – where can you buy the 2nd set “Rise of the Flood Forms”?

Things aren’t going well for Disney in the cinema at the moment. Both the live-action films and the animated films in the so-called masterpiece series are finding it difficult to build on old successes. The Little Mermaid took a long time, to do at least somewhat successfully at the box office. The live-action adaptation was only became a mega hit on Disney Plus. It looks similar with Wish too. According to forecasts, the new animated film from Disney will not be a flop, previous successes like Frozen However, they are likely to remain out of reach. thanks to the Trading card game Lorcana Disney is still on everyone’s lips at the moment.


The new trading card game from Disney: What is Lorcana?

Lorcana is one Trading card game in collaboration with Disney and Ravensburger originated. The 1st chapter of Lorcana includes 204 cards with motifs from Disney characters from film history of the Mickey Mouse company. The success is reminiscent of previous trading card games such as Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon Trading Card Game. Since its publication in August 2023, a similar phenomenon has emerged as with the major role models. Lorcana tickets are constantly sold out.

Where can you buy Lorcana?

The Disney trading card game has been available online since September 1st, 2023 everywhere in stores buy.


How much does Lorcana cost?

A booster pack with 12 trading cards costs 5.99 euros. A starter deck with 60 cards (2 foil cards guaranteed), 11 markers, 1 additional booster pack and the game instructions costs 19.99 euros. A Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game companion app is for iPhone in the Apple App Store and also for Android phones available.

But be careful, due to the very limited availability of Disney Lorcana, some online retailers are often charging far too high prices for the coveted trading cards. Disney Lorcana is sometimes available at the normal price on Amazon available with acceptable delivery times.

From how old is Lorcana suitable?

The Disney trading card game is for ages 8 and up and for 2 players.

Disney Lorcana: The 2nd set “Rise of the Flood Forms” has been released, where can you buy it?

It is now already the 2nd set entitled “Rise of the Flood Figures” was released. According to Ravensburger, the new tickets for Disney Lorcana are available in “specialist retailers, at World of Disney, at Disneyland Paris and in Disney shops worldwide”. Away December 1st, 2023 The 2nd set “Rise of the Flood Figures” will be available from specialist retailers in Germany. Away December 4, 2023 You can probably get the new tickets for Disney Lorcana directly in the German Ravensburger online shop order.

When that 2. Set “Rise of the Flood Forms” in stores everywhere, for example, will also be available at kiosks, in newsagents and at the Lotto Toto store nearby, is currently unclear. The official information on the availability of the new tickets for Disney Lorcana is sometimes contradictory.

In the meantime, international online sales had to be temporarily stopped and the Ravensburger website and online shop had to be temporarily taken offline because it a hostile attack (DDoS) occurred, which completely overloaded the servers. It is not yet possible to predict when the chaos surrounding Disney Lorcana will calm down again in the already stressful pre-Christmas period with Black Friday and Co. It is currently questionable whether Disney Lorcana will be available again before Christmas.