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Von: Jonas Dirkes

Changing appearance in Hogwarts Legacy is very easy. We’ll show you how to customize your hairstyle and appearance.

Hamburg – After deciding on a basic look in Hogwarts Legacy, your own magic look is far from complete. While playing Hogwarts Legacy, players will have many more opportunities to change their appearance. We show how you can customize hairstyle, clothing and Co. in Hogwarts Legacy.

title of the game Hogwarts Legacy
First publication date February 10, 2023
developer Avalanche
Serie Harry Potter
editor Portkey Games, Warner Bros. Games
platforms PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Genre Open World, Action-Adventure

Hogwarts Legacy: Changing appearance made easy

How to change your hairstyle in Hogwarts Legacy? You can give your wizard or witch a new haircut in Hogsmeade. The popular excursion destination for Hogwarts students not only has confectionery, butterbeer or the Howling Shack but also a hairdresser. Look for a small icon with a pair of scissors on your map, there it is Madam Snelling’s Curl Porium.

This can be changed in Madam Snelling’s Curl Porium on your appearance:

hairstyle – Both hair color and haircut

complexion – Scars, complexion, freckles and other features

Eyebrows – Color and shape as well as your own eye color

How to change your appearance in Hogwarts Legacy? Here the game offers you many options even after the character editor. But be careful, your originally chosen physical appearance stays the same throughout the game. So if you are no longer satisfied with your own nose, you have to wear a mask or start Hogwarts Legacy all over again. During the game, however, Hogwarts Legacy gives you the opportunity to wear different items of clothing over six slots.

Hogwarts Legacy: Changing Appearance – How To Customize Your Hairstyle And Appearance © Warner Bros | Twitter @aliciaasarah @AuroraArmlet @emseditorial

The clothes for the head, face, neck and hands can be changed via four of the slots. With the remaining two you can customize cloaks and capes to perfect your own look. Each equipped piece of clothing changes the appearance of your character. The highlight of Hogwarts Legacy, however, is that the magical It-Pieces can also be optically adjusted independently of their role-playing values.

To apply the appearance of one piece of gear to another:

1. Equip an item of clothing in the menu

2. Hovert over the garment and select change appearance

3. Now you can choose the look of another piece of clothing and apply it to the original item

By the way, if you hover over the slots of the coats and capes, you can also select an option with which the hood of the respective piece of clothing can be put on. The hairstyle is guaranteed to remain stable in the next rain shower.

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Can you change your voice in Hogwarts Legacy? Yes, that is actually possible. If you don’t like your own pitch, you can find it under the Ideasthen Audio and finally pitch a way to adjust your own voice even during the game. So if you would rather have a squeaky voice or a juicy baritone, you can still adjust it later in Hogwarts Legacy.