Career over? Kevin Costner's new film was cancelled in cinemas

Oh dear, this flop has increasingly dramatic consequences. Hollywood legend Kevin Costner celebrated 1990 as a filmmaker with Dances with Wolves a huge international success. Hits followed such as JFK – Tatort Dallas and Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves (both 1991) or Bodyguard with Whitney Houston (1992)But then serious flops followed.

Films like Waterworld (1995) or Postman (1997) turned into disasters. Younger superhero fans will remember Kevin Costner primarily in the supporting role as Pa Kent in Man of Steel (2013) with Henry Cavill as Superman. But then came the big comeback.


What is the name of the western series with Kevin Costner?

Since 2018, Kevin Costner has enjoyed huge success with Yellowstone. Where to find one of the best series can currently be streamed “for free” hereWith the success of Yellowstone, Kevin Costner apparently had an idea, and in retrospect it turned out to be fatal.

Can you do this through Yellowstone created a surge in popularity for Westerns to revive the genre on the big screen? The idea for Horizon was born, a multi-part film series, the first two episodes of which were shot simultaneously. To ensure the success of this mammoth project, Kevin Costner to an unusual measure.

Hollywood star makes millions in losses with his own film

In order to properly promote his new film Horizon, the filmmaker invested an incredible sum of 38 million US dollars in the project. Kevin Costner put up this money from his own pocket. An extremely high risk that paid off in the truest sense of the word. not paid should do.


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The new film by and with Kevin Costner has so far played internationally 25 million US dollars Horizon will not be released in Germany until August 22, 2024, but this disappointing box office result will not change much. Reason enough to pull the plug for now.

The sequel to Horizon was supposed to be released in the US on 16 August 2024 start. But Kevin Costner's film has been cancelled in cinemas until further notice. Officially, the film is being given time to become better known to the audience. This means streaming on home screens as premium video-on-demand (from July 16, 2024) and then “free” as part of a subscription to Max (Sky, Wow TV). What will happen to the sequel to Horizon and to the career of Kevin Costner What will happen next is currently highly uncertain.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter