Carabiniere hero throws himself into the street and blocks crazy vehicle | It could have been a tragedy – VIDEO

Incredible images that we propose. And watch the daring intervention to stop the mad rush of the vehicle.

He could do great damage to himself. But also to others. The video we propose is incredible. It really could have been a tragedy.

The intervention of the carabiniere

He zigzagged for several kilometers. The protagonist is an Ape Piaggio 50, like many others see. Especially in the countryside. He frequently invaded the opposite lane, the wrong way. And he risked the accident several times. Which could take on dramatic contours. The Apecar, in fact, has come close to colliding with cars or trucks several times.

It all happened in via San Martino in Campogalliano, in the province of Modena. A 51-year-old, driving a small truck, reported by some motorists and eventually blocked by the carabinieri, who had stopped the traffic.


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The images were disseminated byWeapon of the Carabinieri and they have been around the web in just a few minutes. The video, in fact, went viral. And thanks go to the carabinieri for how the affair ended, without serious consequences.


As you can see from the images, in fact, a soldier ordered a halt to the driver. But the tricycle continued to travel, albeit at a slower speed. Thus allowing the intervention of the carabiniere who was engaged in a roadblock along the road.

The soldier opened the door of the vehicle, while it was still in motion, to stop it. The driver’s license was withdrawn and the vehicle impounded. 118 intervened on the spot for treatment. Fortunately, no one was injured.


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But many will remember this episode for some time.

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