Buying Apple devices from just anyone has become dangerous. At any moment – a brick

In online stores and in the secondary market, you can find Apple smartphones, tablets and laptops at very attractive prices – about half of what is usually asked in retail. What sellers hide is that devices are tied to corporate profiles (MDM), and this is fraught with big problems, although not immediately, but after some time.

MDM (Apple Mobile Device Management) is a tool for remote device management of an organization. Some company buys devices from Apple for its employees, restricts certain functions, installs corporate software and … expects that all this will be used for its intended purpose. Negligent employees sell them to dealers who buy and sell illegal goods.

The seller can reflash the gadget with an MDM profile, then the restrictions and possibilities of remote management disappear. But not forever. As soon as the device is reset to factory settings, the MDM profile is restored and a request appears to enter a login and password from a corporate account, which the buyer does not have by itself. He is left with the money spent and the “brick” without the possibility of recovery. It is useless to contact service shops or Apple, because a device with an MDM profile after resale is no different from a stolen one. The buyer is obliged to return it to its rightful owner, and it will be extremely problematic to find the seller and, moreover, to force him to return the funds spent.