Buy PS5 in September 2023: Discount campaign ends (update)

Buy PS5 – but at what price? The original PS5 traffic light from GamesWirtschaft names retailers and offers (Images: Sony Interactive)

Tips, retailers, prices: How you can buy a PS5 particularly cheaply in September – as a ‘naked console’ or as a PlayStation 5 bundle.

Update from 18. September 2023 (2 p.m.): The current price reduction for the PlayStation 5 is time-limited – the discount is officially valid until September 20th, but some retailers will end the campaign early (at Otto already today). If you want to benefit from the reduced price, you shouldn’t hesitate too long: in the coming days the price will jump back to €549.99.

Update from 15. September 2023 (12 p.m.): The previews released today Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (released on October 20th) suggest that we are in for the expected blockbuster that will demonstrate the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 in a way never seen before.

If you’re looking for a lively adventure in Manhattan but don’t yet own a PS5 console, you currently have two options:

  • the cheap one: The PlayStation 5 with drive is currently available for a spectacular €449.99 – among other things Amazon*, MediaMarkt*, Saturn*, Otto* and Expert* (while stocks last). The RRP is €549.99 – the discount is therefore €100.
  • the stylish one: The official Spider-Man 2 bundle includes a Spider-Man-themed console and controller plus a download code for the game. You can use the console now and the game will be activated on October 20th. The package is available for €659.99 Otto*, MediaMarkt*, Saturn* and Amazon* (also here: while stocks last).

Update from September 13, 2023 (12 p.m.): It didn’t really make sense that the PS5 with Drive costs as much (or barely more) as the console without Drive. That’s why the first retailers have reduced the price of the PS5 Digital Edition by €50:

Update from September 11, 2023 (10 a.m.): It was only last Thursday that Sony Interactive officially confirmed that another round of price reductions was coming: this time the promotional period extends from September 7th to 20th, 2023, i.e. until Wednesday of next week.

Sony itself is currently charging €474.99 via PlayStation Direct – the vast majority of retailers stay well below this mark. The PlayStation 5 costs €449.99 with Drive exactly the same as the PlayStation 5 without Drive – the console has not been available this cheaply since it was launched on the market in November 2020. Current prices:

It is more than unlikely that the price of the top model will fall again in the coming weeks and thus fall below the Digital Edition tariff. Anyone who is thinking about buying a PS5 in order to see upcoming innovations (EA Sports FC 24, Alan Wake 2, Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 etc.) so you should take advantage of the current opportunity.

There are no changes to the Spider-Man 2-Bundle that has been shipping since September 1st. For an additional charge of €200, customers receive the PS5 game (unlockable from October 20th / value: approx. €80) and the console Spider-Man-Design: The reversible cover can also be retrofitted for €65.

Update from September 7, 2023 (10 a.m.): Sony and retailers are once again reducing the price of the PlayStation 5 with drive – to €449.99. Compared to the still valid RRP of €549.99, customers currently save €100.

In addition, the DualSense controllers in many colors are reduced to €49.99 each – for example on Amazon* or Otto*. The RRP is €69.99.

Report from September 1, 2023 (12 p.m.): Shippers and dealers have been delivering this since Friday Marvel’s Spider-Man 2-Bundle – now the sixth official PS5 package Ratchet & Clank, Horizon: Forbidden West, God of War Ragnarok, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Final Fantasy 16.

The recommended retail price is €659.99 (for example Otto*, MediaMarkt*, Saturn* or Amazon*); The price also includes a download code for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2which can be activated from the day the game is released (October 20th).

The peculiarity: For the first time ever, there is not the classic white PlayStation 5 console in the box, but a red and black model Spider-Man-Design. The DualSense controller is also color-matched.

Anyone who opts for the bundle will pay a surcharge of almost €90 compared to the ‘naked’ PlayStation 5 (RRP €549.99) and around €40 more than other PS5 bundles (RRP €619.99). The price-performance ratio is therefore quite reasonable – after all, the reversible covers alone cost 65 €, the controller costs 80 € separately (including MediaMarkt*, Saturn*, Amazon*) and another €80 is due for the game.

If you already have a console and are only interested in the PS5 game: MediaMarkt has it for you Spider-Man 2-In addition to the digital extras, pre-orderers also get an exclusive Spider-Man comic (Details*).

Can be ordered online / Can be pre-ordered (delivery time > 1 week) / sold out

As of: September 15th / 2 p.m (subject to short-term sales / availability can change by the minute)

PlayStation 5 Spider-Man 2 Bundle (RRP €659.99)

PlayStation 5 without game (RRP €549.99)

PlayStation 5 with game (RRP €620)

  • PS5 + Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Amazon* (€596.99)
  • PS5 + Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Otto* (€609.99)
  • PS5 + Star Wars Jedi Survivor: MediaMarkt* (€629.98)
  • PS5 + Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Saturn* (€629.98)
  • PS5 + God of War Ragnarok: Amazon* (€509.98)
  • PS5 + God of War Ragnarok: Saturn* (€619.99)
  • PS5 + God of War Ragnarok: MediaMarkt* (€619.99)
  • PS5 + God of War Ragnarok: Computer universe* (€549)
  • PS5 + Final Fantasy 16: MediaMarkt* (€619.99)
  • PS5 + Final Fantasy 16: Saturn* (€619.99)
  • PS5 + Final Fantasy 16: Otto* (€619.99)
  • PS5 + Final Fantasy 16: Expert* (€619.99)
  • PS5 + Resident Evil 4 Remake: Saturn* (€599.99)
  • PS5 + The Last of Us Part 1: Otto* (€618.99)
  • PS5 + Gran Turismo 7: Otto* (€618.99)
  • PS5 + Horizon: Forbidden West: Otto* (€618.99)
  • PS5 + Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Amazon* (€559.99)

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition (RRP €449.99)

PlayStation 5 with 2 controllers

PlayStation 5 at Ebay* (OVP, buy now)