Bushiroad Creative to Offer ‘BanG Dream!’ at Select GiGO Group Stores from December 16th

Bushiroad Creative will be offering “BanG Dream!” at select GiGO group stores starting Saturday, December 16th. Girls band party! We will be holding a limited-time event of “GIGO FESTA 2023 Winter”.

Goods, prizes, and bundles using newly drawn illustrations! Yaki is here!


“BanG Dream!” will be available at participating GiGO group stores. Girls band party! Gigo Festa 2023 Winter” will be held! In addition to selling original goods using newly drawn illustrations and new prizes, there will also be a bundle! We sell baked goods and novelty drinks.

Event period/location

[Product sales]

Period: December 16, 2023 (Saturday) to January 8, 2024 (Monday/Holiday)


Store: GiGO Akihabara 5 Building 5th floor Event space Akib@ko

Bushiroad Creative Store some stores

*Business days and hours may change depending on future social conditions. Please note.


Period: December 16, 2023 (Sat) – January 14, 2024 (Sun)

Store: Target GiGO group store

[Bandori! Baked & Novelty Drinks]

Period: December 16, 2023 (Sat) – January 14, 2024 (Sun)

Store:[Taiyaki stores]

GiGO’s Taiyaki Akihabara

[Stores offering novelty drinks]

GiGO Collaboration Cafe Stand Sapporo Norbesa / Dino Park Sapporo Teine / Dino Park Obihiro / GiGO Collaboration Cafe Stand Sendai / GiGO Ikebukuro Building 1 / GiGO Akihabara Building 2 / GiGO Kanayama / GiGO Market Square Sasashima / GiGO Namba Avion / GiGO Collaboration Cafe Namba Sennichimae / GiGO Hiroshima Hondori / GiGO collaboration cafe stand Okayama / GiGO collaboration cafe stand Fukuoka Tenjin[13 stores in total]

Prize campaign information

Prizes using newly drawn illustrations are now available!


For every 500 yen you put into the target cabinet, you will receive one random photo-style card (7 types)!

*Some stores may not carry this product.

*It will end as soon as it runs out.

BanG Dream!Baked & Novelty Drinks

Stay tuned to see which members will appear until you buy!


BanG Dream! For each grilled item or drink ordered, you will receive one[original coaster (all 16 types)]at random!

*The number of items sold is limited.It will end as soon as it runs out.

*Coasters for collaboration taiyaki and novelty drinks have a common design.

*Collaboration taiyaki designs and coaster designs are randomly selected and cannot be selected.

Merchandise product information (partial excerpt)

●Trading hologram can badge mini character 2023 Winter ver. (8 types in total) 550 yen (tax included)

●Trading Bromide 2023 Winter ver. (8 types in total) 385 yen (tax included)

●Acrylic stand 2023 Winter ver. (8 types in total) 1,650 yen each (tax included)

●Sticker 2023 Winter ver. (8 types in total) 440 yen each (tax included)

Prize information (partial excerpt)

-Big can badge 2023 Winter ver. (8 types in total)

-Big diorama acrylic figure 2023 Winter ver. vol.1 (4 types in total)

●Bath towel 2023 Winter ver. vol.2 (4 types in total)

Check out the special website for more information!

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