Bungie shows teaser for Codename Frontiers and announces release date


After the release of the latest expansion for “Destiny 2”, “The Final Shape”, the developer hints at what will happen next with the shooter series. The mysterious “Codename Frontiers” awaits players.


The shooter “Destiny 2” will have its latest expansion “The Final Shape”in German “The Final Form”. This is supposed to bring an end to the ten-year-old saga of light and darkness.

But what can players expect after the expansion? Anyone who already has a “Destiny3” thought, may be surprised. In a new video about the upcoming content in the tenth year of the “Destiny” series, the studio Bungie announced “Codename Frontiers” for next year.

Bungie apparently still has a lot planned for the shooter

In a video about the content planned for “Destiny 2” in the current tenth year, “Codename Frontiers” was shown at the end. Contrary to all the rumors about a “Destiny 3”, Bungie seems to still be planning on “Destiny 2”. In addition to the name “Codename Frontier”, the logo of the current “Destiny” game was also shown in the video. So we can assume that the mysterious new content that is due to be released in 2025 is still being developed for “Destiny 2”.

It is not yet known what the content for year eleven will be about. Our colleagues at IGN speculate that because of the eponymous “Frontiers”, the Guardians might end up beyond our solar system.

What the Guardians can expect this year

However, in the new video, Bungie also revealed what players can expect from “Destiny 2” this year. Even before the release of the latest expansion, it was known that the quarterly season model of “Destiny 2” would be replaced this year by three episodes that are longer and are intended to tell independent stories.

Today, June 11th, the first episode, “Echoes,” starts. It will take place on Nessus and will deal with the Vex. The second episode will be called “Revenant” and, according to Bungie, will send the Guardians on a vampire hunt. The third and final episode of Year 10 will be called Heresy and will take players back to Oryx's Tomb Ship. Fans will already know this place from the “Destiny 1” expansion “The Taken King” be known.

Source: IGN, PC Gamers

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