Building the Entire Zelda Breath of the Wild Map with Nearly 15,000 LEGO Pieces

Game news “Nearly 15,000 pieces”, this player recreates the entire Zelda Breath of the Wild map with LEGO


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More than seven years ago, when Nintendo was celebrating the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, players were stunned by the size of the map and the time it took to travel through it in its entirety. Today, if this famous map still looks amazing, it's because a player has just completely recreated it using nearly 15,000 LEGO pieces.


The latest Zelda games continue to stimulate players' creativity!

Yet already well anchored in the hearts of Nintendo players, the license The Legend of Zelda reached a milestone with the release of the episode Breath of the Wild. An increase in popularity and an opening to an even wider audience, as evidenced by the record sales figures for this opus as well as those of the following part, Tears of the Kingdom. All this to say that the franchise The Legend of Zelda unleashes passions even more than before and has given rise to a fascination like no otherbetween theories, player performances, tips and creative ideas of all kinds.

Not so long ago, we were still seeing a whole bunch of discoveries made by players. Today, and for over a year, many players have migrated to Tears of the Kingdom to reproduce the same habits. One of the examples that comes to mind is this fairly technical tip to master which allows you to move faster or gain height without wasting stamina. That being said, love for Breath of the Wild is still as significant as ever, and this creation by a Reddit user, made entirely from LEGO pieces, completely proves it.

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The Breath of the Wild map is even more impressive against these 14,000 LEGOs

While we talk at regular intervals about the next animated film from Nintendo, precisely dedicated to the franchise The Legend of Zeldarumors are echoing on social networks about the future of video games, and one of these echoes points in the direction of an atypical sequence which would contrast with the basic postulate, that of playing Link. However, this scattered and far from official information does not have all the qualities required to occupy the minds of players. Before embarking on a new adventure, we feel that some of them need to express their creativity, like what the Reddit user named __Linky__ did.

Using almost 15,000 LEGO pieces, 14,795 to be precise, __Linky__ has reconstructed the entire map of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. His work is so well executed that we easily recognize the four regions (Lanelle, Death Mountain, Tabanta Borders and the Gerudo Desert) where the Divine Creatures of Prodigies are located, without forgetting Hyrule Castle of course. ! To understand the size of the map, he tells us that it covers an area of ​​approximately 0.7 square meters, or approximately 83 centimeters on a side.. Conversely, Linky did not really count the number of hours that such a project required of him, and we can only understand that he preferred not to count them when we see all the work completed!

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