Braid Anniversary Edition Remaster Released with Launch Trailer – Check it Out Now!

It was announced in August 2020 as a remaster of the masterpiece platformer “Braid” released by the genius Jonathan Blow in 2008 for old and new generations, and the new release date was recently decided on May 24, 2024. The remastered version of the Braid Anniversary Edition will go on sale today on Steam and for PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series We have released a launch trailer introducing highlights.

“Braid Anniversary Edition” includes higher resolution assets including characters, animations, and backgrounds, over 15 hours of development commentary (*This work is available in Japanese, including extensive comments), and improvements to sounds and sound effects. , and 40 new levels.


What is “Braid: Anniversary Edition”?

The nostalgic side-scrolling indie game returns with improved audio, visuals, and new puzzles.

Play as Tim on an adventure to save the princess, jumping on top of waiting enemies to defeat them, and engage in puzzle-filled action.

Is it easy to play? In Braid, time is reversed in various ways throughout the stage, leaving players scratching their heads and subverting their expectations at every turn, making it impossible to let your guard down. Collect the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in the stage and experience the true story that is sure to surprise you.

Braid, the critically acclaimed, influential and multi-award-winning game in the gaming industry, is back with an Anniversary Edition that welcomes new players as well as existing fans.

Advanced graphics and animation

Enjoy the game's main character, Tim, who is expressed with nine times the pixel count of previous games, and hand-drawn graphics that have been completely updated to match modern screen resolutions. Advanced animations and smooth backgrounds give the game the feel of a living painting.

Over 15 hours of developer commentary

Let's play while paying attention to the explanation points of game design, programming, and visual art obtained from hours of interviews. This is a great opportunity to see how games are actually made.

new puzzle world

Play new puzzles of varying difficulty created specifically for this Anniversary Edition, along with revamped original content from 2008's Braid.

Advanced sound and BGM

In addition to pushing the game's soundtrack to new heights with a new mix of sounds, the Anniversary Edition's sound effects are inspired by Martin Stig Anderson (Control, Inside) and Hans Christian Kock (TV's Copenhagen and Ragnarok). ) was reproduced by. As a result, a pleasant atmosphere is created.