Boys in the third grade of junior high school hit more than 100 water floats and broke the Guinness Book of Records: The live demonstration turned on special effects

It is not easy to do one thing to the extreme. According to @人民日报 report, Shen Danyao, a third-year junior high school boy in Quzhou, Zhejiang, has been fond of swimming since he was a child. After years of practice, he has practiced from “one shot and two shots” to “one shot and multiple shots”. Last year, Shen Danyao surpassed the original record ( 88 floats) more than 20 floats, becoming the new Guinness World Record holder for water floats. At the scene, Shen Danyao also demonstrated his unique skill of hitting six floats at once. With a wave of his arm, several traces of water floats appeared on the water instantly, which not only formed a line, but also had arcs, moving forward at high speed, attracting Many netizens exclaimed: It’s like turning on special effects. The current Guinness World Record for the video is 88. It was created by American Kurt Steiner on September 6, 2013. However, Shen Danyao broke the Guinness World Record. His father said in an interview that he did not do it. After official certification, “To go to Shanghai, it costs 30,000 yuan, which is too expensive and unnecessary.” The official “Guinness World Records” responded to the “