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Promoter Eddie Hearn says Tyson Fury will return to the ring for a huge pile of money

British promoter Eddie Hearn called the return to the performances of heavyweight Tyson Fury. His words lead boxing scene.

The promoter is convinced that the 33-year-old boxer will return to the ring. For that, Hearn thinks Fury needs to be offered a huge pile of money. He noted that the most promising from this point of view could be the confrontation between the British and compatriot Anthony Joshua.

On August 2, The Sun reported that Fury had decided to resume his career and had already started looking for an opponent. Earlier, the Briton himself noted that he was not ready to fight even for 200 million pounds.

On April 28, Fury announced his retirement. “Enough. I’m happy. I have kept my health, I can think, talk. I have a beautiful wife and six children. I have a lot of titles and a lot of money. Success, fame, legacy. Why should I keep fighting, for what?” – the world heavyweight champion according to the World Boxing Council explained his decision.

Fury won 32 victories and did not suffer a single defeat in his career. One duel with his participation ended in a draw.

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