BOE said that it has made a breakthrough in the field of semiconductor display technology, showing a 27-inch 500Hz + refresh rate display

Recently, BOE announced on its official accountarticle, said that with years of technical accumulation, it has made important breakthroughs in the field of oxide semiconductor display technology, and has overcome industry problems such as copper (Cu) easy to diffuse, easy to oxidize and easy to drill, and is the first in the industry to realize the copper interconnect stack structure. Mass production, and high refresh rate, high resolution, low power oxide display technology integration.

BOE said that the innovation of its new oxide semiconductor display technology is mainly reflected in four aspects: breakthroughs in materials and devices, original theoretical breakthroughs, improved display performance, and industry-leading functional integration.

According to BOE, by designing a unique new stack structure of copper interconnect stack wiring oxide, it has overcome industry problems, mastered the independent high-volume Cu buffer layer technology, and took the lead in realizing the oxide layer of copper interconnect stack structure. Mass production; the proposed nitrogen-oxygen balance theory and interface repair theory realize the controllable oxide characteristics and yield, which greatly reduces the incidence of bright spots; the proposed gate drive circuit integration model uses the DC denoising mode for the first time, and introduces The overall reset signal solves the problem of GOA failure at the end of the line. At the same time, the TFT heat dissipation design is proposed and applied for the first time in mass-produced products, and the life of GOA is more than doubled. The high-transparency stack model and the high-transparency dynamic compensation column spacer scheme are designed, Developed source drive signal multiplexing technology (MUX), oxide touch integration (Oxide Full In Cell) technology and Smart Sync Driving (Smart Sync Driving) charging compensation scheme, realizing high refresh rate and high resolution oxide display Technology integration.

BOE said that it has achieved mass production of 110-inch 8K 120Hz oxide GOA, and will launch a low-power, ultra-narrow-bezel 500Hz+ gaming display. The latter is a 27-inch oxide FHD display with the highest refresh rate in the world, using a high-mobility Oxide backplane, a response time of 1ms, and a true 8bit output.

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