Blockbuster Action Franchise Returns with New Film, Making James Bond Irrelevant

Culture news This action saga which earned $1.6 billion is back with a new film: it made James Bond outdated


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This action saga generated $1.6 billion and returns with a new film in the works. It managed to shake up the spy genre when it was released more than 20 years ago. What future for this franchise which has managed to surpass James Bond?


In 2002, the film industry was largely dominated by the James Bond saga which overshadowed other feature films in its genre. However, the arrival of “Memory in the Skin” was a real upheaval! Directed by Doug Liman and inspired by the novel by Robert Ludlum, this film introduced a new style of espionage to cinema. In 2023, Deadline had revealed that a new iteration should be in the works. Unlike excessive digital effects and simplistic storylines, “Memory in the Skin” was remembered for its raw realism, starring Matt Damon in the role of Jason Bourne.

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The evolution and continuity of the Jason Bourne saga

Over the years, the Jason Bourne saga has developed consistently. After the first film, directed by Doug Liman, Paul Greengrass took the reins with “Death in the Skin” and “Revenge in the Skin”. These films solidified the franchise's signature style: intense action scenes and a gripping narrative centered on the identity and redemption of Jason Bourne. Even after a relative hiatus with the 2016 film, Jason Bourne Legacy, the saga remained in the minds of moviegoers, ready to return with a new chapter led by Edward Berger. This continuity demonstrates the public's attachment to this franchise and its ability to renew itself while remaining faithful to its essence.

Future prospects for Jason Bourne

With the announcement of a new film in the works, expectations are high. The possible return of Matt Damon in the title role promises to delight longtime fans. His character has also been praised for his intensity, his intelligence and his determination, breaking with the glamor traditionally associated with James Bond. However, the absence of Paul Greengrass, the emblematic director of the previous installments, raises questions about the artistic direction of the project. Edward Berger brings a fresh perspective, recent Oscar winner for Nothing New in the West, which arouses both excitement and curiosity about the evolution of the saga.

Matt Damon himself is optimistic about the future of Jason Bourne in cinema, while recognizing that the time has come for new talents to take over. The wait now is when and how this groundbreaking saga will return to once again redefine the spy genre on the big screen.

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