Blizzard removes reference to Jeff Kaplan from Overwatch 2

Blizzard removes reference to Jeff Kaplan from Overwatch 2

It looks like the studio will really avoid mentioning real people.

  • A nod to former Overwatch Development Lead and its sequel Jeff Kaplan was first spotted in May 2021, when Blizzard aired multiplayer matches in Overwatch 2.
  • The reference was placed on the logo of the pizzeria – it was called Jeph’s Corner Pizza. In the September video about the Bastion rework, however, players noticed that part of Jeph’s was removed from the title.

  • Jeff Kaplan left Blizzard in April 2021 after 19 years on the job, however the link is unlikely to have been removed for this reason. In August, Overwatch developers announced that they would rename McCree, as he was named after Jesse McCree, who was fired that same month.
  • Then Blizzard announced that in the future it would not name characters after real people and would be more careful with references to Overwatch. It is likely that the reference to Jeff Kaplan was removed only for this reason, and not because of the attitude towards the former leader.

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