Blackpink’s Solo Releases to Arrive Sooner than Expected – Rosé Leading the Way

Culture news Blackpink solos will arrive faster than we think! Rosé is already coming back to the forefront


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Rosé, one of the singers of BLACKPINK, returns to the forefront. After announcing his solo career on his birthday in February 2023, the Korean celebrity is already on a big project: the theme song for I-Land 2!


It's official, season 2 ofI-Land be there soon. This show, dating from 2020, aims to create new K-pop music groups. This was particularly watched in Asia, but also around the world. This first season gave birth to a very famous K-pop boy band: ENHYPEN. This group, made up entirely of men, works so well that it is not surprising to see a second season arrive.

This news does not come alone, because the show will aim to create a new music group, female this time! No less than 24 women will fight to stay in the race and form a new Girls Band. For the occasion, the artist Rosé, singer of BLACKPINKwill take care of the theme song for the new season. The musical genreK-pop” designates a large number of musical styles. From rock to hip-hop, including electro, this style of music is becoming more and more popular.

Rosé, the youngest?

Real name Roseanne Chae-young Park, the young woman is the last to join the group BLACKPINK. This one is essential if you are interested in K-pop. As a reminder, after 4 years of training, the group was created in August 2016 and it was Rosé who was selected to complete the girls band. After 5 years of being in the spotlight with her colleagues, the young singer decided to release a solo album. She is the second in the group to have taken this initiative. The album “R.” Released in March 2021, made 448,089 sales in a single week. The two songs on the disc alone have more than 600 million views on YouTube alone. Suffice to say that the announcement of his presence during I-Land 2 does not leave his fans indifferent.

The Koh-Lanta of music?

Blackpink solos will arrive faster than we think! Rosé is already coming back to the forefront

Logo of the show.

I-Land 2 will perhaps mark the history of K-pop. With renowned producers, talented choreographers and now Rosé as the main theme singer, the show has the potential to become a cult favorite for K-pop fans. Mnet, the TV channel that will broadcast the program, has confirmed that the game show will arrive this April 18, 2024. However, for those who can't wait, don't worry! Rosé's single should be released on April 4, which should allow fans to wait a little longer.

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