“Beyond Natsu no Kanata”: Overwhelmingly Popular Novel Game Now on Steam

WakuWaku Games is a text adventure game created by independent game creator Kazuhide Oka.Natsu no Kanata Beyond” on PC (Steam) was released.

The complete version of the novel that has received overwhelming acclaim on Steam has finally been released!

This is the complete version that adds new content and is based on “Natsuno Kanata,” which was distributed in early access in 2021 and officially released in 2022 and received “overwhelmingly positive” reviews from Steam users. The story depicts the player accidentally connecting to Natsuno, a girl living in a “world destroyed by a pandemic,” through an old PC and approaching the mysteries of her world.


In the complete version of “Natsu no Kanata Beyond”, the game engine has been updated to Unity, and the game's play environment has been improved with controller support and other improvements. In addition, new characters and event stills have been added, a new insert song by Shiika, who was in charge of the original theme song “Natsu no Kanata”, and several new BGMs have been added (replaced), making it possible to immerse yourself in the world view and story even more. Chinese language support has also been made available.

A soundtrack DLC containing 24 songs is also available.

On Steam, the add-on content “Natsu no Kanata Beyond Original Sound Track” has also started distribution. The game and soundtrack are included as a set.Bundles also availableis.

Comment from developer Kazuhide Oka

Early access for Natsuno Kanata began in the summer of 2021.
It was officially released in 2022, but we had the opportunity to revisit the game in order to create the complete version, “Natsuno Kanata Beyond.”

It's been more than three years since I started making it, and I can see many rough edges.
However, most of these issues are not fixed in “Natsuno Kanata Beyond.”
This is because I felt that no one wanted it to change, and that the only way to fix this was to start from scratch and rebuild it.
This will probably be the last major update for “Natsuno Kanata.”
However, I hope that I will be able to share what I have learned here with you all in a different form someday.


We will be releasing this game to the world once again this summer.
As for “Natsu no Kanata,” I squeezed everything out of it until I couldn't come up with anything more.
We hope you enjoy it.

We hope you enjoy “Natsuno Kanata Beyond”!

Natsu no Kanata Beyond” is a PC (Steam) is currently available. Game * Spark will be releasing it in May 2023.Interview with Kazuhide OkaWe also got to hear about his passion and thoughts on his works such as “Natsu no Kanata” and “Playing the Piano at 5 AM,” so be sure to check it out!

“Natsu no Kanata Beyond” is released for Steam, where you watch over a girl's journey while talking on the phone in the summer of a world that has come to an end. The complete version of the novel game that has been “overwhelmingly popular” on Steam is finally here.