Better online or live? Here’s how Italians prefer to buy a car

Shopping online is so convenient that many people have lost the habit of going to the store. But when it comes to cars, is there really someone who trusts to take a pig in a poke? Let’s see the statistics.

One click and it’s all yours (ABCNews)

Probably the invention that has changed the world more in our age it is the internet: thanks to the internet we have social networks, for better or for worse. Thanks to the internet you are reading this article and thanks to the internet, you can buy that t-shirt or that pair of shoes that you can’t find in the store but with two clicks and a swipe of a credit card they have already been sent to your home.

Online purchases are one of the most distinctive elements of the 2000s: founded in 1994 but only become a multibillion-dollar colossus many years later, Amazon is probably the most used site to buy while browsing the web but it is not the only one. For example, you will all remember Ali Baba, that weird asian site on which there are also cars that can be purchased online, right?

Buying a car online has advantages and risks. Also in this case you can find many offers and compare them before contacting the seller who is not always honest, ask the YouTuber we talked about some time ago who ordered a supercar from China and was delivered a car similar to a toy. !

The Italian does not trust

In Italy of course there are many sites for buy a car onlinethe most famous probably is Autoscout24 which offers some freedom of action when looking for models, brands and price ranges. But a recent survey carried out by Aretè Methodos which is a consultancy firm linked to the world of the automobile, highlights how this function is not yet very widespread or appreciated among Italians.

The data speak for themselves: almost all of the respondents, even 95% think that to buy a car it is essential to go to the car showroom to see the car before buying it. 87%, on the other hand, would also trust to buy a car online but not before having met the seller in person at least once. Does this make sense. Not all are fair and honest, unfortunately, better to be sure than to find yourself with a 200,000-kilometer bin full of rust.

Masit car sales 30_07_2022 Quattromania
“Actually, gentlemen, I am a hologram. You could have bought it online! ” (Masit)

But that’s not all because three quarters of the survey participants motivate their preference by speaking the importance of driving at least for a test ride a car before buying it. 60% consider the process complicated and alienating while almost a third of those who prefer to buy in person, 32%, do not have great faith in online sellers, fearing a scam. Let’s add one thing: the charm of going around a shop and getting excited when you find the product you were looking for but you didn’t think was available is something that no shopping site will ever be able to replicate, no matter how hard you try.

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