Bethesda reports Starfield’s complete failure on Steam

Starfield didn't exactly spark a storm of enthusiasm among RPG fans when it was released. But now Bethesda is upping the ante and making things even worse. The flood of negative reviews on Steam has even brought Todd Howard into the picture.

Starfield is punished on Steam

Mods are an integral part of Bethesda games. The fan projects bring new content to the RPGs and often fix the problems that ignored by the publisher itselfBethesda itself also knows the importance of its own community and has therefore created the Creations platform on which modders can offer their work for free or for money.


However, Starfield has now caused a scandal. The reason for this is the quest Trackers Alliance: The Vulturewhich costs a whopping 700 credits, the equivalent of 7 US dollars (source: Starfield Creations).

The fans are not at all happy about this and are venting their anger in the Steam reviews. Starfield has only received balanced reviews so far. However, the recent reviews are much worse. Players criticize the fact that Bethesda is now demanding money for mods, even though the game itself is not really complete yet.

In May, Starfield was expanded with new content:

Todd Howard comments on the modding controversy

Todd Howard himself has also now spoken out. In an interview with YouTuber MrMattyPlays, the Bethesda boss promises that the fans' feedback will not fall on deaf ears:


We hear that feedback too. First, I'll say that pricing is based on content we've offered in both Creation Club and Fallout 76 and we're always trying to look at what else is out there to make sure we're providing value to everyone and if we're not, we'll adjust it.

Overall, however, Howard is sure that the Creations platform will help the modding community. Many particularly dedicated modders could now even earn a living with their work (source: MrMattyPlays).

In the same interview, Howard also confirms that fans will have to wait a long time for Fallout 5 and that there are no plans for remakes of Fallout 1 and Fallout 2.