Best wand, what are the choices in Hogwarts Legacy?

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will have to create your magic wand, but how to choose it well? We give you builds and explanations.

Hogwarts Legacy is now available from this Tuesday, February 7 in early access before its official release this Friday, February 10 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Within the title, you will have choices to make, especially for the creation of your magic wand. Some people wonder how to choose it well and we are going to give you some explanations on the composition of your baguette.

How to properly compose your magic wand in Hogwarts Legacy?

The magic wand in the Harry Potter books has always been a very important element and gives a lot of information about the Sorcerer’s personality. Within the game, this choice does not matter so much since the choices you will make for the composition of the wand only affect the effects. Here are the elements that make up the baguette and the choices to be made.

It is to highlight that if you’ve taken the Wizarding World wand test and linked it to your Warner Bros accountthe wand will be automatically created, but you will still be able to make some changes to it.


You will have the choice between 38 types of wood, but in order to be a little more RP, you can base the choice of wood on your date of birth. JK Rowling had also made an article specifying the wood according to your date of birth (source).

  • In birch from December 24 to January 20
  • In mountain ash from January 21 to February 17
  • In ash from March 18 to April 14
  • In willow from April 15 to May 12
  • In hawthorn from May 13 to June 9
  • In oak from June 10 to July 7
  • In holly from July 8 to August 4
  • In hazel from August 5 to September 1
  • In the vineyard from September 2 to September 29
  • In ivy from September 30 to October 27
  • In reed from October 28 to November 24
  • In elderberry from November 25 to December 23


As for the heart, again no impact on the gameplay. You will have the choice between three types of kernels, namely:

  • A dragon’s ventricle
  • A unicorn hair
  • A phoenix feather

Flexibility and size

As for flexibility and size, it doesn’t matter.

What are the characteristics of the wands of known Sorcerers?

If you absolutely want to recreate another famous Wizard’s wand, well, here are a few builds that have come in the books and in JK Rowling’s adjunct writings. The size in the table that follows is based in inches, then in centimeters for the value in parentheses.

Sorcerer / Sorceress Bois Size Heart Flexibility
Harry Potter Holly 11 (27,94) Phoenix Feather Pleasant and flexible
Hermione Granger Vine 10¾ (27,31) Dragon’s Ventricle
Ron Wesley, 1ère baguette Ash 12 (30,48) unicorn horsehair
Ron Wesley, 2e baguette The sun 14 (35,56) unicorn horsehair
Drago Malefoy Hawthorn 10 (25,4) unicorn horsehair Reasonably elastic
Voldemort If 13½ (34,29) Phoenix Feather
Remus Lupin Cypress 10¼ (26,04) unicorn horsehair Soft
Bellatrix Lestrange Hazel 12¾ (32,39) Dragon’s Ventricle Rigid
Cedric Diggory Ash 12¼ (31,12) unicorn horsehair Pleasantly elastic
Horace Slughorn Cedar 10¼ (26,04) Dragon’s Ventricle Quite flexible
Lucius Malfoy Orme 18 (45,72) Dragon’s Ventricle
Minerva McGonagall Fir 9½ (24,13) Dragon’s Ventricle Rigid
Peter Pettigrew Chestnut 9¼ (23,5) Dragon’s Ventricle Brittle
Viktor Krum Charm 10¼ (26,04) Dragon’s Ventricle Quite rigid

We remind you that in Hogwarts Legacy, you will be able to interact with many characters dont some have been mentioned in the books. Finally, remember that the game allows you tolearn many spells like forbidden spells or even Alohomora which allows you to open locks as a riddle.

Published on 07/02/2023 at 20:23

By Slash