Best VPN Apps for Apple TV

Setting up a VPN on Apple TV 4K allows you to avoid geo-restrictions and access services you might not normally have access to. With tvOS 17, VPN apps can now be installed directly on Apple TV.

FlowVPN is the first VPN app available for download on Apple TV. Now that tvOS 17 is out, even more VPN providers are joining the bandwagon. Here are all the best VPN apps for Apple TV available now…

Using a VPN to virtually change your location has many benefits when it comes to streaming services, since most video content is fragmented due to licensing agreements for different regions. The services offer completely different content lists depending on where you are geographically.

However, until now it has been quite difficult to use a VPN with the Apple TV. Apple TV didn’t natively support VPN, which meant you had to set up a VPN on your router and proxy connections through it. But with tvOS 17, Apple TV can be easily set up to use a VPN connection directly by downloading a compatible VPN app from the App Store.

How to Set Up a VPN on Apple TV

To set up a VPN on Apple TV, update to tvOS 17, then download one of the compatible VPN apps listed below from the App Store.

Sign up for a VPN service and press the power button inside the app to activate the VPN connection on your Apple TV. Once the connection is successfully established, tvOS will display a “VPN App Connected” warning in the corner of the screen.

When you’re done, you can turn off the VPN through the app, or go to the Settings app and manage installed VPN profiles under VPN & device management.

VPN apps for Apple TV


The first VPN app available for Apple TV is FlowVPN. The app allows you to easily connect through their VPN and select your preferred VPN server using a visual map user interface. You will then be assigned a virtual IP address located in that geographic location. FlowVPN supports WireGard and IPSec protocol options. You can try FlowVPN with a free trial. Download the FlowVPN app from the App Store.


IPVanish is now available in the tvOS app store. IPVanish offers over 2,500 servers to choose from, located all over the world. Their tvOS app allows you to easily search their catalog to find the server you need. You can save multiple locations as favorites to easily switch between them, and use the Best Location feature to automatically connect the closest VPN relay server to you with the best connection, optimizing speed and response latency.


PureVPN has received thousands of five-star reviews for its iPhone and iPad app, and it’s now also available in the Apple TV app store. Their user interface shows a grid of available server locations with simple download and upload speed tests to compare your options before connecting. PureVPN offers high-speed connections in over 90 locations worldwide, ideal for 4K and HD streaming.


SwizzVPN offers VPNs physically located in Switzerland and many other countries around the world with unlimited speed and bandwidth. They offer unique unlocking capabilities so you don’t need a monthly subscription to use. Their Apple TV app may not be the prettiest app you’ve ever seen, but it’s functional: select servers from the list and then click the big green “Connect” button to get started.

Tail scales

Tailscale is now also available on Apple TV. Tailscale allows you to create your own secure peer-to-peer network without relying on an intermediary company server network. You can select an egress node to relay all traffic from the Apple TV, or you can designate the Apple TV itself as an egress node. You can use Tailscale for free for up to 3 users and 100 devices.

tvOS 17 has just been released, so you can expect more VPN providers to release apps for Apple TV soon. We’ll update this list as new VPN apps become available.