Best time lapse games on PC: with slo-mo mode

The effect of slowing down time is not a new feature for a long time. It has been used extensively in movies and video games for many years, adding spectacularity to action scenes and scenes with all sorts of hot and epic stunts. Moreover, in the case of video games, the effect of slow motion (slow-mo), or, as it is also called, the effect of accelerated shooting, also forms one excellent game technique, not only spectacular, but also useful, allowing the player to consider the position of enemies and the trajectory of flying bullets. and then determine your next actions.

The effects of time dilation in games and movies also include the so-called bullet time, during which the action (shootout, fight, jump, and so on) freezes or slows down a lot, and the camera continues to freely rush between frozen objects, looking for the most spectacular angles.

Max Payne

The most famous bullet time game, which, perhaps, popularized the ability to slow down time in shooters right during shootouts. By slowing down time, all enemies and bullets in Max Payne are perceptibly “frozen”, which allows you to track the direction of the flying bullets. The player character also slows down, but the player does not lose control over him, continuing to fire and dodge enemy shots. Bullet time looks especially spectacular when jumping. After the death of all enemies, the camera gives an overview of the battlefield, showing spectacularly falling already insensitive and inanimate bodies of opponents.

Quantum Break

Fantastic third-person shooter, the heroes of which (and there are several of them here at once) have the ability to perform all sorts of manipulations with time. Including stopping or greatly slowing it down right during the battle. The tension of the battles in Quantum Break is added by the fact that many enemies are also trained in all kinds of temporary techniques, which makes them very dangerous and unpredictable. Also, the ability to briefly reverse the course of time is involved in solving some puzzles. In general, a very interesting and entertaining game from the Finnish studio Remedy Entertainment.


A creative, 2D platformer and puzzle game from an independent developer that must be played through the time management of the main character Tim. The game is quite old, released in 2008. It was Braid, along with Max Payne, that became another very important game that showed how unique and exciting gameplay can be, where the ability to influence the course of time within the game is realized.


Spectacular action in the spirit of Max Payne, which is a continuation of films from the famous Hong Kong director John Woo. The hero of the shooter is a cool police detective Ian, who single-handedly fights against the Russian mafia and other dangerous criminals who unleashed a war with the triad and kidnapped the protagonist’s ex-wife. The game is fast paced and interactivity, as well as the ability to slow down time in the same way as it was implemented in the games of the cult Max Payne series.

Total Overdose

And another great driving third-person shooter, this time more a clone of GTA, but with a time dilation effect triggered during shootouts in the case when the player used dodging bounces and coups. In addition, the game has a rather large open world, the ability to use different types of transport and presents a pretty good plot on a criminal theme, which takes place in Mexico.

Fallout 4

In the RPG combat system, there was an original step-by-step aiming system called VATS, which allows you to make an aimed shot at a specific part of the enemy’s body, for example, in the head, arm or leg. In later games, such as Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, this system has been retained, but has been modified and adapted for the features of real-time action, working from the first and third person. To enable VATS in Fallout 4, OD is still required, but the game does not stop completely, but only slows down a lot, allowing the player to assess the situation and make an aimed shot at the selected part of the enemy’s body with a high probability of inflicting critical damage and hanging trauma on the damaged organ …


An ingenious shooter that exists in a regular version and a version for virtual reality devices, in which the ability to slow down and even completely stop time is fully integrated into the gameplay. The gameplay mechanism is as follows – all opponents in SUPERHOT move simultaneously with the main character. As soon as he stops, everything around him freezes. The game turned out to be a very dynamic and entertaining shooter, however, with very minimalistic low-poly graphics.

My Friend Pedro

Crazy 2D shooter, where you can also use slow-mo and perform all sorts of the most difficult acrobatic sketches right during the battle. And also use the features of the environment for a more spectacular and effective elimination of numerous opponents. And there is also a schizoid plot telling about an unusual guy who makes friends with a banana, who drives him into all sorts of dangerous adventures – for example, on armed sorties against ferocious gangsters.


A mystical first-person shooter, where the ability to use time dilation during combat is also very well implemented. This makes the battles more entertaining and tactically convenient. True, you can use slow-mo only for a limited time, until the special scale ends. After that, you will have to wait for it to be replenished, or he himself will fill it with special injectors, and continue his fun and experiments with time. It is noteworthy that such an opportunity in the game is explained by the increase in adrenaline, which is supposedly thrown into the hero’s blood in the most dangerous situations.


Another mystical first-person shooter, the plot and gameplay in which are based on all sorts of temporal paradoxes and the ability of the protagonist to influence his course with the help of a complex scientific gadget called MVP. This thing allows the player to literally travel through time and influence the surrounding objects, aging or rejuvenating them. And, of course, with the help of a mobile time converter (this is how the abbreviation MVP stands), you can slow down opponents, creating a special sphere around you, inside which time is frozen.

Sniper Elite

Sniper shooter and stealth action game where you often have to sniper fire from different rifles with a telescopic sight. In this case, in the case of a particularly successful shot, the X-ray mode is automatically turned on, demonstrating the flight of a bullet in slow motion and the moment it hits the enemy with X-ray transmission of the body, so that the player can contemplate how the internal organs of the enemy turn into mush, and the bones are ground under mad force miniature lead meteorite. The same effect, in an even more refined form, is present in subsequent games of the Sniper Elite series.