Before entering a new room in Hades 2, recognize and understand all symbols present

In Hades 2, Mélinoé crosses many rooms to face all kinds of dangers. To choose her route, the young woman can know what will be offered to her in this or that next level. If all the symbols are not clear to you, here is a survival guide to identify all the benefits, reagents and powers of the game.

Hades 2 was released in Early Access and the content available is already larger than Supergiant Games' first game. We of course find the same bases which made its success, but rogue-lite has also managed to renew itself. Crafting appears, like the pets that come with Mélinoé. And the divine pantheon was updated.


Broader content also means many more symbols to remember. We notice it run after run in Hades 2 : there are new visuals. Those of the gods and goddesses who make their appearance in this opus in particular, like Hestia, Selene or Hephaestus. But also those of all the resources that you will want to obtain to progress in the adventure.

After more than twenty-five hours of exploring the underworld and the surface, we were able to come across many symbols. We obviously end up memorizing them, by dint of starting over. But if you're just starting your journey, a survival guide is never too much. Here is the list of all the symbols already encountered in the game. If others appear, they will be added.

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All the blessings of the gods in Hades 2

The blessings of the gods are temporary and are obtained during your runs. They disappear every time you die. The benefits have varying degrees of quality (common, rare, epic, heroic, legendary) and can sometimes be combined (duo), when two deities decide to combine to give you another type of power.

Each god offers benefits that echo their divine faculties. Thus, Hephaistos will give abilities improving the characteristics of your weapon. Poseidon will provide abilities to repel enemies (like a wave) or to receive resources, like the ocean depositing its riches on the shore. And so on.


Ashes, Psyche, Bones… the resources of Hades 2 to know

How far away the time isHades where we didn't have many resources to manage! Nectars, ambrosia, bloods, diamonds and fish. Gems, obsidians and chthonic keys. The next episode has a lot more to offer. Here are the reagents and resources you can collect from the rooms.

These resources are retained even when Mélinoé dies. The uses of these elements vary: nectar allows you to deepen your relationships with the characters in the game; the bones are used to trade with the miserable merchant; the psyche to increase the number of arcane cards that can be activated. And so on.

Bonuses and temporary improvements in Hades 2

The deities give you powers with each new run. You will also find temporary bonuses and improvements on your way, which will disappear at the end of your attempt. They increase life (centaur heart) or mana (pentagram bottle), level up a divine benefit (Power Grenade), and so on.

Bonuses and upgrades help strengthen your builds. That is to say when you effectively combine divine benefits with each other, but also arcane cards and these elements indicated below. If you have a build that consumes a lot of mana, it's best to take these bottles as often as possible.

The bosses of Hades 2 and other symbols that should be spotted

There are also certain doors that indicate the presence of bosses or mini-bosses — the symbols are quite self-explanatory. The exchange reports that Charon's shop is nearby. There are also indications when you change region (between Erebus and Océanos, for example). The arrows do not always have the same direction.

Finally, it should be noted that some portals have alternative displays. For example, you will find three Power Grenades in an area before meeting Chronos. Or two divine blessings side by side (you will then have to choose one, and upset the other). Or a god decorated with small arrows suggesting an improved benefit.