Bayonetta 3 uses Scalebound groundwork, former producer suggests

Bayonetta 3 uses Scalebound groundwork, former producer suggests

Scalebound – an unborn Xbox One exclusive that was created Microsoft and PlatinumGames… His most striking merit is the tame dragon of the main character. But the game never came out, leaving the developers (and fans) a wound in the heart. As a former employee suggests PlatinumGames, some ideas Scalebound eventually applied in Bayonetta 3.

Recall that one of the features of the third “Bayonetta” – the battle of giant creatures. The protagonist can summon various demons and give them direct orders in battle. This mechanic caused a wave of enthusiasm among Jean-Pierre Kellama (Jean Pierre Kellams), who once worked as a producer Scalebound v PlatinumGames:

O! Forgot to mention … Yusuke Miyata was the lead designer Scalebound… He is very talented. Look forward to Bayonetta 3 mainly due to the fact that Wash takes the role of a leader.

Yes … Controlling the summoned creatures is VERY similar to the mechanics we had in Scalebound For driving Tuban… I reviewed the trailer [Bayonetta 3] and now I’m even more happy with the game 🙂

Jean-Pierre Kellam

Jean-Pierre Kellam worked in PlatinumGames several years and, among other things, adapted the first two into English Bayonetta, The Wonderful 101 and Vanquish… Now Kellam works as a senior producer in Harmonix.

Microsoft announced Scalebound in 2014, then skated the game at exhibitions for a couple of years (and even let visitors play it), and in January 2017 it stopped production. The exact reasons were not disclosed, but in 2019 the boss PlatinumGames assured that both sides were to blame for the cancellation of the project – they say, one should not blame only Microsoft.

Bayonetta 3 comes out in 2022 on Nintendo Switch. In case you dream that the game will still be ported to other platforms, there is a comment from the creative director Hideki Kamii (Hideki Kamiya):

As with Bayonetta 2, we are developing Bayonetta 3 for money Nintendo… We only do production. All decisions about the final product are made by Nintendo… So if you would like to request a release on other consoles, please contact Nintendo… If Nintendo will tell us to port the game to PS5, we will surely do so.

That is, we can say that Bayonetta 2 and 3 there is a chance to go to PS5 and Xbox – it all depends on the decision Nintendo… But by the same logic, there is a possibility that “Mario” and “Zelda” will appear on the PS5. So good luck to those who will send tearful pleas to Nintendo… If I were you, I would just buy a Switch.


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