Barcus Bag in Baldur’s Gate 3: How to locate it for your compensation

News tip Bag of Barcus Baldur's Gate 3: Where to find it to get your compensation?


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During your BG3 adventure, you will come across many NPCs who will offer you side quests. One of the first you will meet is Barcus and we will explain to you how to find his bag and the associated loot!


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Before setting out in pursuit of Barcus' bag in Baldur's Gate III, you still have to free him! Indeed, when you arrive at the village under the control of the goblins, you will be able to meet the latter. For that, head towards the village mill.

To help you find it easily, we have indicated it on the map below. Be careful, this is an event that you will have to do quickly in the game given that freeing Barcus will offer you new side quests in the future.

For more details on these future quests, We let you consult this guide if you wish. Be careful though, it contains some minor spoilers about the rest of the events.

Coming back to Barcus, he was tied by two goblins to the propellers of the mill and you will be able to save him. To do this, first talk to the goblins and convince them to leave Barcus alone. Once it's good, go into the mill and pull the brake lever. Be careful not to make a mistake, otherwise the mill speeds up and Barcus flies towards certain death.

Bag of Barcus Baldur's Gate 3: Where to find it to get your compensation?

Where to find Barcus' bag in Baldur's Gate 3?

Then return to Barcus who will thank you and leave. However, he will tell you about what will interest us here, his backpack. He will reveal to you that he lost it, but that he doesn't care because he weighed it down and that's why he was captured by the goblins.

From then on, he tells you that if you want it, you can absolutely get it back. So, let's not waste a moment and start chasing the latter. The good news in this whole story, you won't have far to go!

Bag of Barcus Baldur's Gate 3: Where to find it to get your compensation?

Indeed, it's quite logical now that we know that Barcus was captured because of this bag, so he is nearby. So you were surely tempted to go back inside the mill to find the latter, but no trace of him!

This is normal, because to find Barcus' bag, you will have to go around the outside until you find a wooden trapdoor. Take it and at the very bottom of this hole you can find the bag with the rewards which, we warn you, are not exceptional.

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