Bandai Namco: a very bad time for video games – News

Overall, Bandai Namco still shows excellent results, the best among Japanese publishers, as can be seen in the table. But taking a closer look at the video game activity, it appears that operating profit fell an abnormally dizzying 96.5%: games only earned 10 million euros between April and December 2023, compared to 289 million euros between April and December 2022. If we understand that after Elden Ring leaves a hangover and that the good performance of Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon cannot compensate for everything, Bandai Namco also designates, without name him, another culprit.

This is an “online game” released during the period which fell far short of expectations to the point that Bandai Namco carried out a depreciation. So much the worse for respecting anonymity: it is undoubtedly a question of Blue Protocol, this online action-RPG in gestation for many years and finally released last June in Japan, without finding its audience. Amazon Games volunteered to play publisher of the game here with a release scheduled for 2024, but does not seem to have bet on the right horse, unlike Lost Ark.


After Square Enix, Bandai Namco is also questioning itself

Bandai Namco also announces that it has canceled the development of at least five titles. This sweeping effort stems from the desire to adopt stricter quality criteria and reduce the number of games released each year. “ As game development takes longer, the time between investment and return on investment also lengthens, which is why, in addition to reducing the number of titles, we have also made strategic changes in the how we record development costs », we can read in the report of the question-and-answer session.

This bad situation in the video game activity has an impact on the entire group, which has significantly reduced its objectives for the entire fiscal year. Instead of an operating profit of 774 million euros, Bandai Namco will be satisfied with 502 million euros, a drop of 34%. Despite the reinforcement of Tekken 8, the launch of which in January will count for the last fiscal quarter, the video game will end the entire financial year with a tiny operating profit of 6.2 million euros (instead of 254 million euros). Between April and December 2023, Bandai Namco distributed 29.1 million games compared to 38.7 million last year at the same time. Come on, this DLC will eventually come out.Elden Ring.