Avatar – Frontiers of Pandora: Guide the system reboot and retrieve the data collectors

Some RDA data collectors are distributed throughout Pandora and need to be hacked by you in order for them to provide all the necessary information. Here we will show you where you can find all the data collectors and how you can hack them. Image source: Screenshot GIGA.de Find and use data collectors On the map they are marked with the name computer terminal. If you have never discovered the dot before, it is colored purple. If you have already walked past it, it will be blue and green when you have done everything. At each computer terminal you first have to hack the station and then look for the three data collectors in the area. You can orientate yourself on the wind turbines. If the landscape is clear of all clouds and you have already been nearby, the data collectors will even be shown on the map. Once you have collected them all, you will receive the “Data Rescuer” trophy. Avatar – Frontiers of Pandora: First Data Collector – System Restart Here you will find the first data collector station. The first data collector is located in the west of Kingslor Forest near the Drop Islands. Walk across the river there and you will come directly to the site. Scan the device with your scanning gun and the system restart quest will start. This is basically a tutorial so you can learn how to activate the data collectors. Go through the cave on the right and hop up as soon as you are in line. Turn left and you will find the first pole to scan. This is what the data collectors that you have to search for and scan look like. For the other two you just have to continue to examine the hill and walk around it once and the first station is done. Second data collector – location Here you will find the second data collector station. The second data collector is also in Kingslor Forest, but this time in the east above the watercourse valley. Go to the area around the Shadow Cave and the station is on one of the islands in the river. Just look for the wind turbines. Third Data Collector – Location Fly in the high plains to the festival valley and land on the hill where the arches of celebration are. However, make sure that no enemies catch you. Both wild animals and RDA members are waiting to hunt you. Here you will find the third data collector station. Fourth Data Collector – Location This one is hard to miss. It is located in the open area south of the Mother of Rivers along the Doulas Stream. Go into the container there near the red flowers to start searching. Here you will find the fourth data collector station. Fifth Data Collector – Location Stay in this area and travel a little north to the Daughter Basin. The next data collector is already waiting there behind a rock. Here you will find the fifth data collector station. Sixth Data Collector – Location Travel to the Shrouded Forest and look for the area south of the stone cascades. There is a ravine where the data collector can be found. Here you will find the sixth data collector station. Seventh Data Collector – Location We continue north into the purple forest. There you will find a larger river area called The Eye of the River. Directly below, across the river, is the seventh data terminal. Here you will find the seventh data collector station. Eighth data collector – location For this one you have to travel quite far to the south from the shrouded forest. Namely, to the stealthy river. There you will find the data station under a fallen tree right next to the name. Here you will find the eighth data collector station. Ninth Data Collector – Location The last data collector is also located in the south of the shrouded forest. There, look for the area between The Cut and Cradle Pines. Fly down into the gorge right in the middle of the river. The ninth terminal is located there. Here you will find the ninth data collector station.